PUBG Optimization

PUBG Optimization 2019: Best Settings For PUBG

PUBG is most popular battle royale games with millions of players from around the world of mobile, Xbox one, PS4 and PC. Well most...
PUBG Chinese Version “Game For Peace”

Download PUBG Chinese Version “Game For Peace” APK 1.2.9 For Android/iOS

We know that Tencent games have released the PUBG Chinese version “Game For Peace” a month ago as the anti-terrorism-themed version of PUBG Mobile...

PUBG Teases New Moon Map, Level 4 Armour, Squirt Gun, Party Bus, & More...

After the release of PUBG winter map Vikendi a couple of month ago, all PUBG gamers are waiting for the new PUBG map and...
PUBG Mobile Prime & Prime Plus Subscription

PUBG Mobile Prime & Prime Plus Subscription Price: How To Get It

As PUBG Corp and Tencent Games promised earlier about the PUBG Mobile Prime & Prime Plus membership plan with PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 update, the...


What are your pubg pc requirements? If you had the powerful CPU, but the monitor is small, flat or old type then how you...
PUBG Mobile Infection Mode

PUBG Mobile Infection Mode Guide: How to Play and Win

Since the release of PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 update, many people have tried to play the new PUBG Mobile Infection Mode and still confused on...
best mobile for PUBG under 15000

Best Phone To Play PUBG Under 15000: Let’s Get The Best Budget Mobile 2019

After creating dozens of records in PUBG PC version, the battle royale games announced for mobile as PUBG mobile and people assumed that it...

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