A 13-Year-Old “PUBG Gamer” From India Took His Own Life

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Pubg boy killed

The cases of people committing suicide and even killing other people over mobile gaming obsession have become a really serious issue. Mere a thirteen-year schoolboy from Kashmir, India took the step of killing himself since his parents were fed up with his addiction to the Battle Royale game. We have elaborated the story here:

According to a report from the local news site, it has been said the two siblings were playing PUBG mobile on their father’s smartphone and little one didn’t let the phone to another brother to play the game. This led the elder brother to commit suicide. The deceased boy is said to be called Asrar Ahmad who lived in Dangerpora Mohalla, in a village of Pulwama dist.

While another recognized Indian new site states that the father these two brothers told them to put off the game and have food first. This led one of the brothers to take his own life. The teen boy hanged himself in their own house, as the site states.

So, the exact reason behind the suicide has not yet been clarified. But several sources from the local places informed that PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) was the main reason behind this shocking incident. The aware people from the village and nearby areas have urged to spread clear awareness concerning mobile gaming. As of now, schools and colleges are shut and students have nothing to do but playing Battle Royal games like PUBG on smartphones. Mobile gaming addiction is becoming a bane and some concrete steps need to be taken to control it, a person suggested on Twitter.

This is not the first when any person has taken his own life on a conflict over PUBG. But the popularity of PUBG Mobile should not be always subject to criticized in this matter since many other similar games like PUBG mobile have also sparked the waves of addition which harmful for the young ones. A few years ago, a death in Gujarat, India had also led to an impermanent ban over such games for some time. Several petitions have also been filed to ban such games but Tencent Games has stated that they will put a time limit option on gameplay so avoid dependence on the game.

Some recent news from India also suggests that some teen Battle Royale addicted players had stolen money from their parents’ bank accounts to buy in-game purchases. A teen boy from the northern part of India had spent nearly 15 lakhs ($20,000) from his father’s account to make such purchases and in another incident, a teen boy roughly 2 lakhs ($2700) from his grandpa.

We always suggest our readers use discretion and common sense while making any decision regarding gaming. PUBG is a cool and awesome game to play but one shouldn’t be involved in a way that could hurt one’s life or make a big hole in the family’s pocket. The steps to limit the addiction, the developers of PUBG have already taken a step to offer a limited time to play. But the young minds need to be controlled by parents with and love and empathy.

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