After Banning 59 Chinese Apps MP’s Push For A Ban On PUBG In India

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pubg ban India

Recently, the Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps in the country, as they were found to be threatening the privacy of millions of users. It was a major decision taken by the government where major apps like TikTok, Baidu, and others were banned.

After banning 59 Chinese apps, the government is targeting PUBG which is an immensely popular video game played by millions of users. In a recent meeting of the Standing Committee for Information Technology, MPs pushed for a ban on apps like PUBG. The meeting was attended and led by ShashiTharoor, senior congress leader.

PUBG is a game that is originally developed in South Korea. It is a highly addictive game that is played by millions of Indian users. When the government first announced the ban on 59 Chinese apps, the PUBG lovers breathed a sigh of relief. But considering the current situation, it is very much possible for the popular PUBG game to get banned in the country.

Mr.Tharoor had an objection with Cam Scanner, one of the banned Chinese apps. He informed that the app was still used by many officials including state police even after the ban. He also showed his concern regarding the data leaks that could happen because of the app.

PUBG may not be a part of the 59 Chinese banned part, but it is among one of the 89 banned apps by the Indian Army. The app has been found to leak personal data. This list of apps banned by the Indian Army includes both non-Chinese and Chinese apps. They have put a ban on all such applications that pose a threat to their privacy. This ranges from dating apps to messaging apps and so on.

As of now, nothing is decided. But the parliamentary is pushing for a ban on PUBG. Just like all the other banned Chinese apps, they find PUBG to be leaking personal information. Right now, the sword of uncertainty hangs on the world-famous PUBG game.

PUBG has a huge fan base in India. It is played by people of all age groups and gender. If the game gets banned in India, it will be a major blow for all the Indian fans. After all, the player base of PUBG in India is huge.

Apps like TikTok, ShareIT, WeChat, Shein, and Clubfactory have already been banned and removed for download from the app store. These apps were banned to save the privacy of millions of users, using these apps. The decision was taken to protect the integrity and sovereignty of the country. Now the question lies, whether PUBG will really be banned?

The ban was imposed under Section 69A of the IT Act. The apps were also accused of transferring user data to networks located outside the country. However, some of the apps have pleaded for a reconsideration. The government has asked them to submit a clarification report, after which the fate of these apps will be decided.

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