Best Games Like PUBG Mobile For Android and iPhone 2019: Best Player Unknown’s battleground Alternatives

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With the 10 million daily active users around the world, PUBG Mobile is the most popular battle royal game for Android and iOS users. But since the release of the new PUBG mobile update v7.0, people have noticed that the gameplay of the game turned a little bit slow. So, many users may wish to go to the PUBG Mobile alternatives. Hence, we have made a list of some best games like PUBG mobile for Android and iOS devices.

Well, most of the people are enjoying the new PUBG Mobile War Mode, but what about the classic gameplay. Considering this in mind, we researched and collected some of the best PUBG mobile like games. Likewise PUBG mobile, these games also have a goal to kill the rival and survival till the end. Well, some of them also have the PUBG mobile like graphic as well. So, let’s check out these alternatives of PUBG mobile!

Top 5 Best Games Like PUBG Mobile

#1: Fortnite Mobile

Games Like PUBG Mobile

Fortnite is a widely popular game as it has interesting characters and graphics gameplay. This is the use of popular shooter survival games every. Well, Fortnite is already available on Xbox, PlayStation, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Mac, as well as iOS. Since the launch of the iOS App Store, developer Epic Games has remained tight-lipped about when players can expect to see the title on rival Android devices.

Likewise PUBG mobile, Fortnite is the same 100 player PvP game where you have collect weapons to kill the opponents with your teammate. It’s all about the last one standing wins! If you are waiting to get Fortnite for Android, then you will have wait for a few days!

Download Fortnite For iOS

Download Fortnite For Android (Coming Soon)


Games Like PUBG Mobile

Presenting one of the looks like PUBG mobile game for Android and iPhone which is free-to-play, multiplayer online battle royale game developed and published by NetEase Games. It claims to have more than 150 million players registered worldwide. As of May 30, 2018, the game was released on Steam as well for its popularity. In the game, you will have to dive into the new 8×8 km map with 300 players and survive till the end by killing and running. It has a huge HD map so that you can get the perfect idea to play precisely.


Download RULES OF SURVIVAL for Android

 #3: Knives Out

Games Like PUBG Mobile

Another best game like PUBG mobile where 100 players scattered throughout the massive battlefield.  There you can explore the map, collect weapons, take aim, and pull the trigger. Do not forget, the last survival will win the game. So, take your ever step wisely. There is three type of modes available-Duo Mode, Squad Mode and Fireteam Mode. Hence, you can play with your friends as well using voice chat to outmanoeuvre and crush your enemies. So, are you ready to show off your skill?

Download Knives Out for iOS

Download Knives Out for Android

#4: Free Fire

best game like PUBG mobile

Like PUBG mobile, Free Fire is the ultimate survival shooter game where 50 players have to play against each other. The game will run for ten minutes. With the help of a map, you can choose the landing place. During the game, you will have to collect weapons, kill the enemies, staying in the safe zone and the last one wins the game. Furthermore, you can also create , squad, to play with your teammates.

Download Garena Free Fire For iOS

Download Garena Free Fire For Android


Games Like PUBG Mobile

If you love to play Pixel games, the PUBG mobile also has once PIXEL’S UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUND game. It is military blocky pixel games where to have to dive from the helicopter on the dead island, get the best loot, kill the rivals while staying away from the shrinking zone. There are some nifty weapons like AK, pixel gun, smg, multiple-barrel and other weapons you can use to kill the opponent. The great thing is you can play with your friend and get the perfect idea about your enemies. So, be the last one survivor!



Final lines

If you are the hardcore fan of PUBG mobile and want to play PUBG Mobile like games on your smartphone with the realistic graphics, then you can choose from Free Fire, RULES OF SURVIVAL, and Knives Out. Well, the Fortnite has some animated graphic, but you will love its impressive gameplay. We have given you the Pixel’s version of PUBG. So, select your PUBG Mobile alternatives and share your experience with us through the comments!

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