best mobile for PUBG under 15000

Best Phone To Play PUBG Under 15000: Let’s Get The Best Budget Mobile 2019

After creating dozens of records in PUBG PC version, the battle royale games announced for mobile as PUBG mobile and people assumed that it...
PUBG Mobile Revive

How & When You should Revive in PUBGMOBILE: Every PUBG Mobile Revives Are Here

Since I play PUBG a lot on my mobile, I always wonder to get up magically when someone knocked me down, but that’s not...

How To Download & Play PUBG Mobile Dragon Mode Right Now From Any Country

As Tencent team is going to release the PUBG Mobile new update with the new Resident Evil 2 based Zombie mode, there has been...
Play PUBG on Laptop

How to Play PUBG on Laptop Using Emulator [Windows 7/8/10]

Since every PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battleground) has been a popular online shooter game playing by more than millions of people around the world, everyone wants...
PUBG Memes

Best PUBG Memes 2019: Let’s Find The Best PUBG Funny Meme

Ever since the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds aka PUBG has stormed the world with its battle royale multiplayer gameplay for PC, Mobile, Xbox and later PS4,...

Best Wireless PUBG Controller (Gamepad Remote) For Android & iPhone Mobiles

Playing PUBG on a smartphone is very fun today as you have a giant phone like Galaxy S8, OnePlus 6T, or iPhone X. But...

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