PUBG Mid-Autumn Festival Events

Play PUBG Mid-Autumn Festival Events and Earn Skin Rewards: Check The Full Schedule

It seems like PUBG corp. is keep celebrating its huge success by new continue events like PUBG Mobile start challenge and releasing new updates...
PUBG PC Update 21

PUBG PC Update 21: New Training Mode¸ MK47 Mutant, Tukshai, And More Major Changes

Seem like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is keep releasing new updates for every platform. After the biggest launch of PUBG for Xbox One, The PUBG teams...
PUBG’s New ‘Desert Knights' War Mode

PUBG’s New ‘Desert Knights’ War Mode Event Is Back For Limited Time

Since the release of new War Mode in PUBG, people have been enjoying the new War Mode a lot in Erangel. But, there isn’t...
PUBG Live Stream

How To Live Stream PUBG on Facebook [Complete Tutorial]

Sharing your best PUBG moments with other players around the world is the coolest thing. For that, either you have to upload your PUBG...
Play PUBG Mobile On PC

How To Play PUBG Mobile On PC [Official Way]

With the 50 million players around the world, PUBG is the most popular mobile game ever. Considering the increasing waves of the games, the...

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