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Download PUBG Mobile Chinese 1.3.6 APK with Desert Eagle, BRDM, Ledge Grip, Temple Map & Mode

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PUBG Mobile Chinese 1.3.6 APK

Since the release of PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 update a couple of weeks ago, people have been wondering what’s next coming to the upcoming update. Well, there is no beta version of PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 update released, but you can download PUBG Mobile Chinese Lightspeed 1.3.6 version on your Android and enjoy all new vehicle, gun, and map.

Yes, there have been many things added to the latest PUBG Mobile (Game For Peace) Chinese Version, and the great thing is you can play it right now on your mobile whether you are living in China or anywhere else. You heard it right! In the latest update of PUBG Mobile Chinese version, there has been most awaited new Desert Eagle gun, new BRDM vehicle, Ledge Grip for climbing, new temple map, and lot more added which you can play right now with the help of below guide.

How To Download PUBG Mobile 1.3.6 Chinese Lightspeed Version (Game For Peace)

Before you head over to the process of install PUBG Mobile Chinese Lightspeed on Android, you should check out some newly added feature of latest Game For Peace update.

  • New Desert Eagle gun added which uses 45 bullets. It supports accessories slot: sights, magazines, grips; classic big power hunting pistol, with current full pistol type.
  • New vehicle Amphibious Armored or BRDM also added to the latest PUBG Mobile 1.3.6 Chinese version, which is ultra-high durability. It can continue to move in the water, and the damage will receive a certain amount of relief. The vehicle can only be summoned by the signal gun, which will replace the “bulletproof UAS Jeep” summoned by the signal gun, which can be summoned on all maps.
  • New edge grip or climbing option which allows players to climb in the air, move between buildings and buildings, containers, and containers. It is also letting players go to places that were previously inaccessible, thus changing the player’s ability to move, explore, and survive. Trigger action trigger mode: After pressing the jump button to jump, find the right time in the vacant state and press the jump button again to get the climbing operation.
  • Now the Gas can can be exposable. The fuel oil barrel is firearm, The throwing object will explode after the attack, causing range damage to the surrounding.
  • New picnic spots added as a Maple Leaf Forest option with autumn scenes like new black picnic spots, four people swings and other unique attractions, invites friends Go to the classic tourist resort Maple Leaf Forest.
  • New temple map for the Deathmatch mode option where 4v4 competition will be fun.

Let’s check out the process to download PUBG Mobile Chinese lightspeed APK:

Step #1: Go to the and install the app on Android or iOS version.

Step #2: Now launch the app and search for “Game For Peace.”

Step #3: Here, you can see the real “Game For Peace” version at the top, just tap on it.

Step #4: Now tap on the download button. The size of Game For Peace is 1.89GB and version 1.3.6.

Step #5: Once it downloaded, install it on your device and login through Wechat to start the game.

Step #6: That’s it! Enjoy the battle now!

So, this was a simple process to download and install the latest PUBG Mobile Chinese lightspeed version on your Android phone. Hope you have followed the article carefully and successfully installed the PUBG Mobile 1.3.6 Chinese Lightspeed version on your device. Once after playing on the Chinese version, do not forget to share your opinion with us in the comment box.

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