How To Earn Free UC And Get Elite Royale Pass For Free in PUBG Mobile?

Amazed with newly added features of Elite Royale Pass season 3? Check out this guide to earn free Elite Royal Pass in PUBG mobile. You can earn free UC in PUBG mobile as well! Just go through this guide!

Get Elite Royale Pass For Free

You know what the most impressive thing in PUBG is?  New dancing steps, skins, weapons and more you can get by completing missions. Since the release of PUBG Mobile Royal Pass Season 3, people have been looking for the way to get Elite Royal Pass for free in PUBG Mobile as there are many nifty dancing moves, dresses, creates, and lot more.

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Well, there is a free Royal Pass system available which help you to rank up your Royal Pass by finishing some daily and weekly missions. As we know, there is also Elite Royal Pass available in PUBG mobile which has some added rare weapon skins, costumes and earns unknown currency (uc) by completing “daily” and “challenge” missions. Since it is available as paid, a lot of gamers are searching for the trick to earn free Elite Royal Pass in PUBG mobile. So, here we are!

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Get Free UC Cash And Earn Elite Royale Pass For Free in PUBG Mobile

Get Elite Royale Pass For Free

Before taking you to the process of getting free Elite Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile, let me tell you the real price value of the US. There are two types of Elite Royal Pass available with 600 UC for Elite and 1800 UC for Elite Plus. So, you should buy UC with the real money which will cost you $9.99 for 600UC and 6000 UC for $24.99. I guess no one wants to spend pennies on those UC. So, we have made this guide to give you Elite Royal Pass for Free on PUBG Mobile season 3!

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Note: We are not sure that this method work in every corner of the world since we have used the app in the guide is Indian based. Don’t worry! You won’t get banned for following this method. It’s just a simple trick not affect your PUBG profile.

Method #1: Use Third-Party App

Step #1: Go to the Google Play Store and download “Roz Dhan – Share Best Videos” app on your phone.

Step #2: Install it on your device and log in with your Facebook or Google account.

Step #3: Once you complete the registration, you will instantly get $0.36 or 25 INR.

Step #4: You can also enter invitation code to get $0.36 or 25 INR more and also start referring your friend to earn 1250 coins. You should start sharing with your friends to earn enough point.

Roz Dhan - Share Best Videos

Step #5: Once you get enough points then you can redeem it through Paytm account. But you should need at least 200 INR in your account.

Step #6: You can also increase your earning by uploading videos.

Step #7: That’s all!

Method #2: Get Donations

Whenever I opened my Facebook account and I notice there are a lot of gamers uses live stream PUBG on Facebook to get more viewers and get donations either it small or big. For sure it will also help you to increase your channel and get attention from popular communities.

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Well, this would be the very time-consuming task to get enough points to earn free UC in PUBG mobile and get Elite Royal Pass for free. Since PUBG mobile has become strict with PUBG Mobile 0.8.0, we suggest you please do not use any hack otherwise you may get banned. I have seen many people banned from using hacks.

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