How To Get Free Resident Evil 2 Costume In PUBG Mobile

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While everyone is his enjoying killing Zombies in PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 update, the great news is you can get PUBG Resident Evil 2 skin and costume for free. Yes, the new PUBG Mobile Survive till Dawn or zombie mode is now and player can play a full two-night mode where the players have to kill zombies and other players as well. The ineteresting thing is there has been also new RE2 rewards has been added to the game which you can buy from the real money and also get free Resident Evil 2 skin & costume in PUBG Mobile with the help of this PUBG mobile Zombie Mode tricks.

Yes, you heard it right! There is way to earn Resident Evil 2 reward free in PUBG Mobile. Recently, the Tencen Team has announced that now you can collect PUBG Mobile Zombie mode vaccines to get all new skin and cosmetic like Ada Wong’s costume from Resident Evil 2, supply crates, and also a title for your player’s in-game avatar called “Vaccinator” for free in PUBG Mobile Zombie mode event.

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Well, there are many different way to collect vaccines and certain number to use them to unbox new costumes.You can get vaccines by daily logging in the game or you can also get vaccines in the match randomml or by surviving minimum 50 in the mode. Once you get enough vaccines on your

However, to earn these rewards, there is a certain number of vaccines that need to be collected. The PUBG Mobile zombies mode vaccines can be earned by logging in the game, or found inside the match at random, or surviving 50 mins in the mode. But how much vaccines you need get Resident Evil 2 skin in PUBG Mobile? If you don’t have any idea, then here;s how to much vaccines you can use to get PUBG Mobile rewards.

PUBG Mobile Zombies Mode Event Rewards Of Vaccines

Ada Costume: collect 90 vaccines to redeem the Ada Wong costume from Resident Evil 2 (three-day duration)


Vaccinator: collect 30 vaccines to redeem the Vaccinator (30-day duration)

Resident Evil 2 Crate: collect 15 vaccines for this special event crate

Outfit Box II: collect five vaccines to redeem the outfit box, all items limited to seven days

Chicken Dinner BP Crate: collect 10 vaccines and redeem 60 to 150BP

So, let get ready to hunt walking dead in Resident Evil 2 style by wearing the Resident Evil 2 costume in PUBG Mobile. Well, if you already have gathered a number of vaccines in your inventory. Then, you just open your inventory and select vaccines. And then, use them to get defferent PUBG Mobile rewards.

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