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How To Get Horizon Zero Dawn Weapon Skins & Outfits On PUBG

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PUBG Horizon Zero Dawn Wallpaper

Since the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game has started winning everyone’s heart, many other games has started collaboration with the game as Resident Evil 2 and TERA games in PUBG Mobile, and now the Guerilla Games is partnering with PUBG Corporation to give Horizon Zero Dawn themed outfits and weapon skins on PUBG PS4.

Yes, you heard it right. If you are a PUBG PS4 player then you will be able to buy Horizon Zero Dawn outfits and weapon skins between March 5th and April 5th. Previously, there was The Last of Us skin available with the pre-order and now the HZD fans will feel glad to know that they can get Horizon Zero Dawn Skins & Outfits in PUBG PS4. But, how to earn HZD items on PUBG PS4? Let’s check out more detail about it.

Tips To Get Horizon Zero Dawn Weapon Skins & Outfits On PUBG PS4

As we said above the Horizon Zero Dawn Weapon Skins & Outfits will available for limited time, you should complete some Horizon Zero Dawn mission in PUBG PS4 version to unlock Horizon Zero Dawn Weapon Skins & Outfits in the game.

HZD items on PUBG PS4

You will just need to logging in during that period, you’ll claim an Eclipse top, and if you finish ten games during that time, you’ll snag an Eclipse mask. To earn an HZD version of the iconic PUBG frying pan, you’ll have to kill ten other players with the crossbow. Lastly, if you’d like to kit out a Kar98k rifle with an HZD skin, it’ll cost you 8,000 BP.

While completing the Horizon Zero Dawn mission in PUBG to earn in-game Horizon Zero Dawn items, make sure that team kills won’t count in your missions. So, make sure that you have to kill or complete those Horizon Zero Dawn missions to earn HZD outfits and skins.

Wrapping up

Have you played the Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4? If so, then it will be fun to play with the same Horizon Zero Dawn skin in PUBG PS4 version.  Once after getting amazing Horizon Zero Dawn outfit in PUBG, please do not forget to share your look with us in comment.

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