How To Get PUBG SharpShooter Title: Best Tips

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PUBG SharpShooter

There is no doubt that PUBG is one of the best multiplayer games around the world as many players around the world are playing the game on PS, PS4, Xbox One as well as on smartphones. There are many titles like Chicken Expert, Commando, Collector, Pacifist, and more. Since PUBG’s Sharpshooter is one of the toughest titles currently trending in gamers, here we have prepared a full guide to get a PUBG sharpshooter title.

As I said above that it’s not easy to get the PUBG sharpshooter tag, the player has to kill 3 opponents in Solo with a sniper rifle with a headshot / single bullet to gain the sharpshooter title. In addition to this title, the player must be in Platinum or better tires. Along with this, there are many things you should consider to earn the PUBG sharpshooter title on your head.

Also, killing 3 enemies with three bullets is very tough compared to the other achievements. So here have come to help to achieve PUBG sharpshooter title easily. So just follow the below tips and get the PUBG sharpshooter tag right now.

Tips To Get PUBG Shartshooper Title Right Now

  • Start a Solo match. (Keep in mind that you are in platinum or above tires)
  • Select Miramar or Erangel map
  • Drop the location where the sniper drop rate is high
  • If you are playing in Erangel, then you can jump into the military base or Georopol. These places have a higher sniper drop rate.
  • If you are playing in Miramar, you will find sniper everywhere.
  • Achieve 4x scope for sniper rifles.
  • Go to a place where other players cannot disturb you. You can go to open fields, single house farms.
  • Use the car to attract bots.
  • Stay 50 meters away from the bot.
  • Shoot your shot while aiming at the head.
  • Take care that you do not waste your bullets, because you have to kill three players with 3 bullets.
  • Keep this in mind that you do not get involved in any kind of fight.

So there were some of the best and easiest tips to get the PUBG sharpshooter tag. Hope you found it easy and simple with this guide. So just follow this guide and get your favorite right to jealous other teammates or players. Apart from this title, which other titles you want to get and doesn’t have the idea to get it? You are free to ask us in the comment box. Also, do not forget to check the latest PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 beta right now to test the new features in advance.

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