How To Get Vikendi Survivor Pass In PUBG: Every Day Is Snow Day

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Vikendi Survivor Pass

After the long wait, PUBG corp. has finally released the new Snow map “Vikendi” for PC and Mobile version. Alongside the new snow map, the good news is you can also get Vikendi Survivor Pass in PUBG after updating to the latest PUBG PC patch 24. Yes, you heard it right! The PUBG team has added new Survivor Pass: Vikendi after the Sanhok pass.

What’s Vikendi Survivor Pass In PUBG?

So, are you ready to get Vikendi Survivor Pass? If so, then you should everything about the new Vikendi Survivor Pass Vikendi. The new Vikendi Survivor Pass jam-packed with great new skins and rewards to help you look the part on the harsh landscape of Vikendi. Hence, you can earn rewards by completing missions around 300 or simply by getting in some play time! Well, you can access Survivor Pass: Vikendi for free, but more missions, faster leveling, and exclusive rewards can be earned by purchasing the Premium Pass.

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How to Get Vikendi Survivor Pass In PUBG?

Vikendi Survivor Pass

Complete missions

Vikendi Survivor Pass missions are purposely planned to help you progress your skills while earning the Pass XP you need to unlock your rewards in the game. You will just need to face some grit-testing challenges for our more seasoned veterans, Survivor Pass missions will raise the stakes for all to enjoy.

Level up

Vikendi Survivor Pass

You can complete missions to earn XP, or simply play the game and level up your pass. There are many exclusive rewards are given with each level gained. If you don’t how much time Vikendi Survivor Pass will be available, and then keep it on your mind that Vikendi Survivor Pass is available only for ten weeks. So, you have limited time to complete your task to earn Vikendi Survivor Pass. Well, you can also directly buy Vikendi Survivor Pass for 5, 20, or 50 level packs at the price of $4.99, $17.99, and $34.99 respectively from the PUBG official page.

Unlock Rewards

Vikendi Survivor Pass

There are more than 60 exclusive skins available with the Vikendi Premium Survivor Pass. You can rock the central Europe-inspired Kubanka hat and heavy fur coats, freeze out your enemies with epic winter-themed weapon skins, and for the first time ever, add style to your Level 2 and 3 Helmets with unique designs.

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Don’t want to buy, still, want to participate in Vikendi Survivor Pass?

Well, if you don’t want to spend your money on the Vikendi Premium Survivor Pass then you will also be able to participate in Vikendi Premium Survivor Pass event. Just level up and earn rewards. But, some missions and rewards are exclusive to Premium Survivor Pass PUBG gamers only. If you have owned the Vikendi Survivor Pass then you can also get additional 6 weekly missions to get more than 60 exclusive rewards.

To participate, simply play the game and complete Survivor Pass missions to earn XP and level up your pass. There are Beginner, Daily, Weekly, Premium, and Challenge missions available, but some missions and rewards are only available to Premium pass holders. Progress your pass as far as you can during the 10 week period and claim your awesome new rewards!

Check out every PUBG Vikendi Survivor Pass Rewards


With Pass

  • 10 Blue Coupons
  • 12,400 BP
  • 63,000 XP
  • 2 face skins
  • 16 emotes
  • 1 parachute skin
  • 7 helmet skins (Level 1, 2 & 3)
  • 29 weapon skins
  • 4 hat skins
  • 4 mask skins
  • 2 pair of gloves
  • 8 jacket skins
  • 2 shirt skins
  • 7 pants skins
  • 2 shoe skins

Without Pass

  • 10 Blue Coupons
  • 2,500 BP
  • 1 face skin
  • 2 emotes
  • 2 helmet skins (Level 1, 2 & 3)
  • 1 weapon skin
  • 1 hat skin
  • 1 mask skin

If you want to know more about Vikendi Survivor Pass, then you can directly visit the PUBG Vikendi Survivor Pass page.

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