How To Live Stream PUBG on Facebook [Complete Tutorial]

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PUBG Live Stream

Sharing your best PUBG moments with other players around the world is the coolest thing. For that, either you have to upload your PUBG video on YouTube or other social platforms. But, what if you find a way to live stream PUBG on Facebook so your live action can be shown to your followers and friends? Well, that’s possible!

For sure, you can stream PUBG game live on Facebook using the dedicated live streaming app since there isn’t an official live streaming app by Facebook. But, Facebook has live streaming API which you can use in the third-party tool to live stream PUBG on Facebook. Don’t worry! You don’t have to pay for the streaming app, you can download it for free. Without further ado, let’s broadcast PUBG on Facebook following this procedure!

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 How to Live Stream PUBG in Facebook

We have discussed two different methods here, you can choose one as per your choice.

Step #1: First of download and install OBS Studio for your PC from this link.

Step #2: Once you have installed the streaming software, go to the Facebook Live Create page to get API Stream Key from Facebook.

Live Stream PUBG on Facebook

Step #3: Next, click on the “Create Live Stream” button and you will get the Stream Key.

Live Stream PUBG on Facebook

There you can also choose where you want to post your live stream, you can change it on the Post tab, upper right corner. Don’t forget to copy the newly generated Stream Key when you try changing the settings.

Step #4: Now open the OBS Studio and go to File> Settings >Stream tab.

Step #5: Change the service to Facebook and paste the Stream Key.

Live Stream PUBG on Facebook

Step #6: Click on “Apply” and then OK at the bottom right corner.

Step #7: At the top, click on “Tool” at the top and select “Auto Configuration Wizard” which adjust the settings as per your computer and internet connection.

Live Stream PUBG on Facebook

Step #8: While OBS Studio is running, launch PUBG mobile. Once the game opened, go to the OBS Studio and right click under the Sources tap and click “Add” .

Live Stream PUBG on Facebook

Step #9: Select “Window Capture” and OK.

Step #10: After that, you need to select the under the “Window” drop-down emulator you are using to play PUBG on PC and hit OK button. For instance, select Tencent Gaming Buddy or Bluestacks.

Live Stream PUBG on Facebook

Step #11: Now set Transform as “Stretch to screen”. To do that, right click on OBS Studio screen> Transform> Stretch to screen. Now stretch the screen to get a clear view using four corners.

Live Stream PUBG on Facebook

Step #12: Now lock the Window Capture by clicking at the “Window Capture” under the Source.

Live Stream PUBG on Facebook

Step #13: Now open the OutPut tab and set setting as below:

  • Recording Quality: High, Medium, Medium File Size
  • Recording Format: FLV
  • Encoder: Software x264

You can also set the resolution in Video tab by 1280x720p and 1980x1080p as per your internet connection and tap Ok.

Step #14: Once all set, just click on “Start Streaming” to start live streaming PUBG on Facebook.

Live Stream PUBG on Facebook

This is how you can use the Facebook API Stream key to broadcast PUBG game in Facebook. Well, if you don’t want to follow the above method or found this method tough, then you can follow the below guide.

How To Stream PUBG Game Live On Facebook Easily

Step #1: Download and install HopLive tool on your PC.

Step #2: Open the HopLive and click on “Go Live on Facebook”.

Step #3: Now login with your Facebook account and continue to allow HopLive with permissions to your account and set your privacy according to your preference.

Step #4: HopLive should display your Facebook name in the list after this. Select the resolution of your stream output and click “Go Live on Facebook” to start live broadcast of your PUBG game on Facebook. If you are done, just click on “Disconnect” to end the session.


Hope you have enjoyed the guide and the PUBG live session as well. So, how many viewers you have got? Are you happy with the tutorial? If so, then do share with your other PUBG friend so that they can also start live streaming their PUBG matches on Facebook.

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