How To Participate In Pubg Mobile Lite Championship 2020

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Pubg Mobile Lite Championship 2020

While the Pubg Mobile Global Championship price pool of $2 million was announced at the new era event on Monday, good news arrived for all Pubg Mobile Lite users as they also announced the PUBG Mobile Lite Championship 2020.

It’s been almost a year since the Pubg Mobile Lite, and the game earned a great response from users around the world. Therefore, they also started the esport event and started the Pubg Mobile lite tournaments. If you are the Pubg Mobile Lite player, then this year, you will able to participate in the Pubg Mobile Lite championship. 

PUBG Mobile Lite Championship 2020 Schedule:

What is the registration date of PUBG Mobile Lite Championship 2020?

The registration will run from 24th August to 30th August. 

When will be the PUBG Mobile Lite Championship in-game qualifiers?

The in-game qualifier will start from 1st to 5th September.

What about PUBG Mobile Lite Championship online playoffs?

The online playoffs will run from 12th to 15th September.

When will be the PUBG Mobile Lite Championship final?

The finals will be held on 19th-20th September.

PUBG Mobile Lite Championship format and rounds:

  • You can visit the official Pubg Mobile Lite pageto participate in the PUBG Mobile Lite Championship 2020 event.
  • The online qualifiers will take place for five days, where the player will have to play ten Classic Mode matches, and then 8 matches will consider. Other things like kills, survival time, and accuracy will be taken into account, and the top 44 teams will go for the next round. If teams couldn’t complete the eight matches, then their score will be adjusted in a manner to be determined by PMLC officials.
  • On the Online Playoffs from 44 teams, 16 more teams will be to join those 44 teams and make a total of 60 teams.
  • After that, those 60 teams will be divided into 4 groups, and then each team in each group will have to play five matches, and the 3 teams will go to the finals on the basis of the highest cumulative score.
  • In the last phase, the grand finale will help where top 12 teams from the Online Playoffs and other 3 teams depend on the most kills. So there will be a total of 15 teams will play 10 matches for two days.
  • The winner will be the team with the highest cumulative score.

PUBG Mobile Lite Championship Point Table

Scoring System

1 Kill = 1 Point

End Game Placement Points

Placement Points Placement Points Placement Points Placement Points
1 15 5 6 9 1 13 0
2 12 4 4 10 1 14 0
3 10 7 2 11 1 15 0
4 8 8 1 12 1 16 0

PUBG Mobile Lite Championship Price Distribution

There will be total 5, 00,000 price pool which will be distributed among the top four rankers. Here’s the full price pool table:

Prize Pool

Rank INR Rank INR People’s Choice Award
1 2,00,000 5 30,000
2 1,00,000 6 20,000
3 60,000 7 15,000
4 40,000 8 10,000

If a Pubg Mobile Lite player, then it would be the best chance to win the bumper price up to 2, 00,000. It depends on your skill, whether you could make it to the top four or not.  Time to participate in this event earn the great amount playing on your low-end device. It seems like a great opportunity for all the Pubg Mobile Lite players to win that much of a huge price. Hope you enjoyed the post. Please stay tuned for more news and updates about the Pubg mobile.

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