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How To Play New PUBG Erangel Map V.2 Update Right Now

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Play New PUBG Erangel Map V.2 Update Right Now

As PUBG team have already revealed the new cinematic trailer of new Erangel map a week ago which was amazing and mysterious, every PUBG gamers wants to play new PUBG Erangel map update on their devices. But, the PUBG new Erangel Map version is still not playable for everyone since the PUBG developers launched it in PUBG test server. So if you are excited about the new PUBG Erangel Map, and want to play it, then here we are gonna show you how you can access new PUBG Erangel map update.

After the few months of work, PUBG developers have released the updated Erangel map in the test version with new Erangel Visual update cinematic trailer.  In the new PUBG Erangle map, you can see new building styles, more realistic scenery and terrain, some new and changed areas within the map, and test settings for an updated Blue Zone. Personally, we really like new flags and kingdom like the locations as it tells some story. You will also see a statue of one bearded man everywhere in new Erangel map. Well, these all new additions are enchanting to download new PUBG Erangle map version and play now. So, without wasting much time, let’s check out how to get new PUBG Erangel Map!

How Access New PUBG Erangel Map Update On Test Server

Note: Make sure you are using your own paid version of the PUBG PC game from the Stream Early Access. You cannot use any shared account to play new Erangel map.

Step #1: First of all, you need to open your Steam Library on your computer.

Step #2: Next, under the Games tab, you can see “PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds (Test Server). So, just click the Install button next to it.

Step #3: Now the installation process will take a time. Once it’s done, launch the game.

Step #4: You will also need to create a new nick name and design your new character.

Step #5: You can see the new menu screen of the test server which is different from the stable version and you can also see new Erangel map.

Step #6: So, just select the new Erangel map and enjoy the new world.

That’s it!

Hope you have downloaded the PUBG test server on PC and started playing the new Erangel map version. If so, then we are also excited to know your feedback in comments. You can also share your opinion to the PUBG developer team regarding any change suggestions as the  PUBG team is still waiting for your response to provide the best map to users when it release for everyone. Well, the PUBG Mobile new Erangle map version is expected in next PUBG Mobile 0.13.5. Let’s see what more is coming with upcoming PUBG updates.

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