How To Play PUBG Zombie Mode Right Now

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Play PUBG Zombie Mode

Since the traditional zombie-themed games have created a trend in the gaming industry, there are many walking dead games available. Considering that, PUBG corp. has added new PUBG Zombie Mode which let PUBG gamers to play new scary Zombie Mode in PUBG. Hence, we have come to help you guide the process to play Zombie Mode in PUBG right now.

As zombie games always considered the great multiplayer option, you may also want to get Zombie mode on PUBG game. Hence, there has been new zombie match option available for PUBG PC users with the option for most players to create custom zombie matches. So, it means that PUBG corp. is planning something scary for the PUBG future. But, the great thing is you can play Zombie Mode in PUBG PC right now with the help of below guide.

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Well, the recent PUBG Mobile Tweet announced the new PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode is coming with the Resident Evil 2 reboot. The release date of PUBG Mobile Zombie mode is not announced but it’s expected in the first month of 2019.

Steps to Create PUBN Zombie Mode: Let’s Play The New Scary Mode

Before heading to the process of activating PUBG Zombie Mode, you should know that Zombies mode in PUBG sees a small group of humans go up against 98 other zombies. The zombies aren’t able to loot or use traditional weaponry. Though, they’ve got strength in numbers and will rely on overwhelming their opponents in huge mobs. So, the best thing to survive is to do everything fast as you can.

Step #1: Open PUBG main menu and select the Custom Match tab along the top navigation bar.

Step #2: Hit the Filter tab to the left, and filter by game mode. In this instance, you’ll be searching for “Zombies”.

Step #3: Now, filter the results by Public only. This’ll make it so you’ll only search for games that anyone can join, as opposed to those which require a special password.

Step #4: Go through the resulting list of servers and keep an eye out for any that aren’t completely full. You’ll be able to tell by looking at the player count to the right. If possible, it’s worth selecting a server in your region for better connectivity.

Step #5: Once you’ve found a suitable server, hit the join button until you gain entry.

Step #6: Don’t be worried if it doesn’t work directly away. PUBG’s still a bit iffy when it comes to loading you into a custom match, especially when many other players will be fighting for the same spots. Be persistent – you’ll get there.

This is how you can start Zombie mode in PUBG. But if you want to create a custom zombie match then you should know that there no create custom match option available to create zombie mode in PUBG. But, the feature will ad in future.

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