How to push Conqueror in Season 13 PUBG Mobile

Conqueror in Season 13 PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the most played games in the world these days. The game has more than 100M downloads on Play Store. PUBG lovers are not only fascinated by the weapons, maps or survivals but the race to reach Conqueror tier in the game is also the biggest reason why gamers love PUBG.

Once someone starts playing PUBG, he/she gets to know about the different in-game titles allotted by the game. There are many tiers in the PUBG game like Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Ace and all these tiers can be reached by earning good rating points. But every PUBG player dreams of reaching the highest tier of the game, which is Conqueror. For reaching the Conqueror tier, one needs to be in the top 500 in any server of a particular season. It is not at all easy to reach the Conqueror tier. A player needs to win matches and survive in the game in order to reach the Conqueror tier. The top 500 who reach the Conqueror tier need to have a good kill ratio and survival time. According to many PUBG pro players, reaching the Conqueror tier is not that difficult but maintaining the position is the actual difficult task.

Tips And Tricks To Reach Conqueror PUBG Mobile Season 13

Here are some tips and tricks which can help you to reach the Conqueror tier in season 13 very easily.

Tip 1: Rank Pushing

Many players are confused whether they should push their ranks at the start of the or towards the end of the season. It is highly recommended by the pro players that one should push their ranks at the start of the season 13 to the highest possible tier. This will help you to reach the Conqueror tier easily in season 13. Pushing ranks to the highest tier plays a very important role if one is planning to reach the Conqueror tier.

Tip 2: Utilities

You should keep more utilities in your backpack instead of ammunition, if you want to push Conqueror in season 13. Towards the end of each game when only 15-20 players are alive, it becomes very difficult to survive without proper utilities. So suppose if you have 8-10 grenades in your backpack, it will be very easy for a player to get a good cover in the final circle.

Tip 3: Tackling Hackers

Many players start going back in the rank at this part of the game. When a player reaches Crown tier, he will be encountered with some cheaters or hackers in the game. To beat the hackers and cheaters, try to play on different maps and also focus more on the Miramar map as it is one of the maps which has less probability of having hackers and cheaters.

Tip 4: Predicting Zone

After the PUBG released the latest updates, the zone prediction has become more difficult. As per pro players, the zone tends to move to the parts where only a few players are present. So, when you are pushing rank to Conqueror in Season 13, you are advised to stay on the edge of the zone till the fifth zone starts if you want to reach the Conqueror starts. Once the fifth zone starts, just try to find an area where you stay till the final zone comes and you become the winner of the game.

Tip 5: Kill & Survive

If you are pushing for Conqueror in season 13, you need to kill more and more people in the game, till the time you reach Diamond tier. Once that is done, you need to focus on survival and kill points till the time you reach the Crown tier. Once you have the Crown tier, you have to survive till the top 5 teams in the game. And then, you need to kill more as it will give you plus points to your ranking.

Tip 6: Focus on Kills

While pushing ranks, you have to focus more on kills when you reach the Crown tier. You need to kill at least 4-5 players in the Crown tier. Doing this will help you to maintain your KD and will get some plus points for you.

Tip 7: Get a Vehicle

Having a vehicle is very important in any PUBg game and it is definitely important while pushing rank because a vehicle can help you in any situation. Using a vehicle you can travel faster throughout the map when the zone changes. Therefore, you should look for a vehicle when you land on the map.

Tip 8: Combination of Guns

If you are playing solo and you are rank pushing to Conqueror in Season 13, the best combination of guns will be two Assault Rifles. You can use AKM and M416 for the best results, if not then look for a UZI with an assault rifle.

If you are playing in duo, then one of the players should have a Sniper Rifle or good DMR like Mini14 or SLR as this can help players to get more kills with a headshot.

If you are playing in a squad, each player should have a weapon according to his/her expertise. You need to understand which player is good with which gun and based on that each player should have the guns.

Final Tips

If you want to reach the Conqueror tier, then you need to have one of the best squad. So, try to find the players for your squad with whom you reach the final tier of the game. A good team is always required to win the matches and reach the Conqueror tier.

Playing in the Miramar map helps you to get the Conqueror tier easily as it is the largest map. The average match time of Miramar is more than Sanhok and Erangel. So it helps you to increase your rating.

You can use all these tips & tricks to reach the conqueror tier in season 13 easily. Enjoy PUBG!

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