Make Your Own PUBG Mobile Vikendi New Year Skin To Share With Friends

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PUBG New Year card

Since the rollout of PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 update with new Vikendi snow map, many PUBG gamers are enjoying a lot playing the new snow map while some still complaining about the lag issue. However, you will be still excited to know that you can make your own PUBG Mobile Vikendi skin card and share with your social media friends with the help of this guide.

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Yes, you heard it right! You make your own PUBG Mobile skin card with the all-new Vikendi outfit. Hence, you can see yourself on the PUBG Mobile Vikendi costume with look like “Jon Snow” from the Game of Thrones. There is also more option with girls’ costume where you can simply add your face on the Vikendi outfit and make a perfect PUBG Mobile New Year Card which you can use to share with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

Transfer yourself into PUBG Mobile Vikendi Character

Well, there is no need of any third party app or use any image editing tool to make your own PUBG outfit as you can simply use below method to make your own PUBG skin with your face.

Step #1: Just open this link on your browser.

Step #2: Next, here you can see two Vikendi skin wearing dudes. So, just tap on “Start” button.

Vikendi New Year Skin

Step #3:  Now here you can choose “+” icon to add or “Take a selfie” to add and upload your picture.

Vikendi New Year Skin

Step #4: So, your next step is just to select the image from your device tap on “Upload”.

Own PUBG Mobile Vikendi New Year Skin

Step #4: Once your picture uploaded, you will see four different skin. Just select one outfit you like and adjust your face. There is also below the box where you can write anything you want to say to your friends and followers. And then, tap on “Save” button.

Own PUBG Mobile Vikendi New Year Skin

Step #5: Now your PUBG New Year card is ready.  You can use the share button to share with your friend.

Own PUBG Mobile Vikendi New Year Skin

That’s it!

This is how you can make PUBG New Year card and share with your friends and followers from around the world. Hope you lived the guide, if so then please do share with your other PUBG friend.

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