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Maxtern: A Tale of A PUBG Player’s Rise to Glory

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Maxtern has turned out to be one of the biggest names in the Indian PUBG Mobile field, and has built up a reputation as one of the very best players in the entire country. A player that is humble, yet one of the very best at what he does, Maxtern is one of the best examples of the fact that one can do anything they want to, and be good at anything if they try hard enough. For youths across the entire country, Maxtern is living proof that if you train to be the best, you can be the very best at it.

Who is Maxtern, Though?

Maxtern became famous back in the middle of the 2010’s thanks to his skills at the popular mobile game, Mini Militia. According to a quote from Maxtern himself, he first started his YouTube channel when a friend convinced him to download Mini Militia, a game that had taken over the youths of India in the 2010s as the new trend. He soon found himself being unusually good at the game, all of which you can see on his YouTube channel.


Sometime later, though, he got the idea to try out PUBG Mobile, which was, and still is, one of the most popular games in the country when it comes to mobile gaming. The game itself features intense gameplay that has have quite a lot of people addicted to it, and Maxtern kept up his promise of some of the best gameplay in the country.

Where Does This Iconic Figure Come From?

Maxtern’s real name is Sagar Thakur, a 22 year old youth. Sagar, a then young child with a curiosity for everything, moved to Delhi in 2001, and stayed there till 2019. He currently stays in Mumbai, enjoying his life as a professional gamer. It was in Delhi, however, that he went to school, and a friend of his gave him the idea to try out Mini Militia, the very foundation of his career as a professional gamer, and the first step in his rise to fame as one of the most well known First Person Shooter gamers in India.

You might not know that while at Secondary Senior High, Sagar was one of the most well known people in the school, as he was the topper on a regular basis, and routinely was one of the most lauded students in the school. According to Sagar himself, he enjoyed taking part in events that required mental exertion, such as maths quizzes and others.

A Little About Sagar Thakur, As A Person

Besides his online fame as the famous professional PUBG Mobile gamer, Maxtern, you’ll find that Sagar Thakur, the easygoing Indian youth, is a pretty cool person to know. Sagar enjoys spending his days eating delicious food, and loves North Indian food in particular, something he has expressed an affinity for many a time. Surprisingly, though, the youth also has a love for dosas, something he doesn’t mind treating himself to every now and then.

Before the stresses of school life took over, Sagar loved to play cricket, and could usually be found in the position of fast bowler. As he himself says, he had a passion for cricket, and enjoyed playing it on a regular basis with his local friends. In a surprising twist, Maxtern is perhaps one of the only professional gamers who loves outside activity, as he loved playing football as well, and was rather good at it, according to what people say.

Maxtern PUBG ID: 594387287

The Big Question: Will Maxtern Return to Being a Pro PUBG Mobile Player?

This is by far the most important question that people want to ask Maxtern, as the advent of the COVID-19 disease has nearly disabled the gaming industry. Thousands of people across India want to know if he will be returning to being a PUBG Mobile Professional, alongside the co-founder of Elite Squad, KingAnBru.

Well, the happy news is that Maxtern has already confirmed his return to PUBG Mobile online, and has also announced that he and his partner KingAnBru have made the decision to be playing against some of the very best players and teams in the world, such as Team Soul, Synerge and others.

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