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New Loot Truck in PUBG: Everything You Need to Know About It

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Pubg New Truck

PUBG Season 8 or PUBG Patch 8.1 has come finally fir all the PUBG gamers last week. Perhaps the biggest innovation of the new version, which heralds the beginning of Season 8, is above all of a visualization. As we have told some of the new changes in Sanhok and how it is completely redesigned. So, if you start a match on the jungle island after the update, you will find a much more detailed environment.

With version 8 of PUBG, other new things have also been released. One of the most spectacular new additions is probably the armored loot truck. The developers have now published a video to introduce the vehicle and to go into all the advantages and disadvantages in detail.

All the Things You Need to Know About PUBG’s New Loot Truck

Here are some of the most important details about season 8’s new loot truck that you need to know.

  • Loot truck currently only spawn on Sanhok
  • They appear in one of several garages that can be found on the island
  • At the start of the match, loot trucks spawn in four garages
  • So, there are 4 trucks driving parallel on the island
  • After the spawn, the armored loot truck drive independently on the island streets until they are stopped
  • As soon as a truck is destroyed, another one spawns
  • It can spawn a maximum of 8 trucks per match
  • They are rolling forts and heavily armored
  • They can push away everything that stands in their way
  • They can be rammed by other vehicles, they don’t mind
  • Only spine traps can stop these trucks, but the break only lasts for a very short time
  • But if they stand, you can better fire at them
  • The armor is so strong that it is hardly damaged (especially in the front)
  • There are weak spots where the armor is less strong – the sides are more vulnerable
  • Even explosive weapons, such as rocket weapons, have a good effect against the loot truck
  • As soon as the truck is damaged, it drops prey
  • If the truck is destroyed, there is more loot. Level 3 equipment and weapons with attachments are possible prey
  • There are four weapons with special skins that can appear under the prey
  • Beware of the destruction of a truck, the explosion is very strong and painful

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