PUBG Snow Map Update: Snow Lobby, Night Map, New Vehicle, Release Date & More[UPDATED]

Are you excited to about new PUBG map? Then here we share every detail about upcoming new PUBG Snow map. Just check out the post and do not forget to share with other PUBG players!

PUBG Snow Map

Ever Since PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Twitted “Coming Winter 2018” at the Microsoft’s big E3  in June with PUBG E3 Gameplay trailer, every PUBG player is excited about the “New PUBG Snow Map”.  Well, PUBG’s Tweet shows the man walking on the snow while a little bit of snow. But today, we have a lot more about PUBG new map Snow with some interesting features you may haven’t imagined before.

What will be the size of the new PUBG Snow Map? What is the name of New PUBG Map Snow? When will PUBG Now Map release? What’s new in PUBG Snow Map?

Well, the biggest buzz is one of the PUBG players (Reddit user) have posted the concept of new PUBG Snow Map posted an image of impressive PUBG Snow lobby. Well, the arts look like an original PUBG Snow map lobby. Alongside, you will also see the new skin of Snow kar98 and Scar-L which you can see in below image. Also, you can get a view of PUBG Snow map concept which is mostly covered in snow.Night mode would be perfect for a moon lit snow map

PUBG Snow map

To answer your all question about the new winter map on PUBG, here we have every detail about the new PUBG Map. Let’s start:

New PUBG Snow Map: Everything You Need To Know About

What is the name of the new PUBG Snow map?

Talking about the name of the new Snow map on PUBG, then let tell first that it will be called “Dihor Otok”. We are not sure from where it derived or based on.

What are some points of interest in new PUBG Map “Dihor Otok”?

PUBG Snow Map
PUBG Snow Map: Dihor Otok

The new PUBG Dihor Otok map has some interesting areas named Cosmodrome, DinoPark, Villa, Town, Cement Factory and Castle. The map has one interesting “DinoPark” which look like a theme park. You will also see some castle and space-themed assets. There is also rocket has included datamine for a place named “Cosmodrome”. It will look like a complete future where Jurassic Park, Skyrim, and Elon Musk get stuck on a Soviet island together. So, it will be more fun roaming around all these kind stuff in new PUBG snow map.

PUBG Snow Map Concept 2

PUBG Snow Map

To give you more knowledge about the new Dihor Otok map, the northern part is fully covered with snow. The landmass is divided by the river in the middle of the map where another side is fully frozen. There is one island in the center of the map which is connected to both sides by bridges. Oh, bridges, yes. Hence, we will see more ambush in the map.

What’s the size of the new PUBG Snow Map?

PUBG Snow Map

As we know that there are three maps available now- Erangel, Miramar, and newly added Sanhok. Well, both Erangel and Miramar has 8×8 size and Sanhok 4×4. But, the new Dihor Otok map will look like 8×8, but it will come with 6×6 means larger than Sanhok and smaller than Erangel and Miramar.

Weapon Skin concepts inspired by hypothetical Snow map

Snow gun

Any chances of night mode in PUBG winter map?

There have been also rumors roaming around that there will be also nigh mode like PUBG Mobile 0.9.5 update which will be called “weather night”. Hope you will celebrate this Halloween with new weather night mode in PUBG in the new Dihor Otok PUBG map.

Snow Kar98k skin

Snow Kar98k skin

What’s new Conquest game mode in New PUBG Snow Map?

A number of Reddit users stated that there will be new Conquest game mode in the map where you have to capture some area of the map like the domination game mode on Call Of Duty. You can see the below image of the new Conquest mode.

New Parachuting System According to PUBG Corp.

New parachuting system

What’s more about the PUBG Snow Map?

C4 Datamine

There will be also new explosive is coming to the new map which will be called “C4”. Also, you will be to take the ride of a new Beetle vehicle which looks like an older custom car. Hence, it will be the great fun. As most area will be covered with snow, there would also a new vehicle to come in Snow Map to ride on the snow.

PUBG New Vehicle
new Beetle vehicle

What is the release date of PUBG Snow Map?

As you have seen the PUBG Tweet of upcoming PUBG snow map shows the footprint in the snow, hence you would be able to track the other player with the footprints. Interesting, right? Well, there is not any news or announcement regarding the PUBG snow map release date, but it’s expected to release around Christmas 2018. Here’s Shroud checking out the map concept.

Leaked Images of PUBG Snow Map:

PUBG DinoPark Maze
PUBG Snow Map Castle Tower
PUBG Snow Map Castle Tower

castle building PUBG

PUBG town unique market


So, these were all about the most awaiting PUBG Snow map. What else you want to see on the upcoming PUBG Map? If you have anything to share, do not hesitate to tell us in the commenting section. One more thing, we forgot to tell that there will be more new winter or Christmas costume and skin in the PUBG snow map.