Participate In PUBG Mobile Premier League To Play With Cricketers Live On Air

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PUBG Mobile Premier League

As the we know the IPL 2019 has started in India and people are too busy in watching their favourite players playing against, the PUBG Mobile India has announced the PUBG Mobile Premier League by collaborating with Start Sports to let PUBG Mobile players to play the game with cricketers live on air. Yes, you heard it right!

The new PUBG Mobile Premier League is collaboration between Start Sports and PUBG Mobile to let PUBG Mobile and cricket fans to come together and play. But it is not that easy to play with cricketers live on Star Sports. You will have to score highest runs in PUBG mobile match. You might be wondering how you can score highest runs in PUBG Mobile and how to participate in PUBG Mobile Premier League, then here we have explained the full process to join PUBG Mobile Premier League and get opportunity to play with cricketers live on air (Start Sport).

How to register for PUBG Mobile Premier League

The registration process will run from April 12 to May 1. So, make sure you register for May 1.

Step #1: Visit

Step #2: Next, click on “Join Now” button.

PUBG Mobile Premier League

Step #3: Here you will see the sign up page where you need to fill mobile number, email, game ID and password to sign up. Once you filled every detail, click on “Sign up” button.

PUBG Mobile Premier League

Step #4: Once you registered, you will have to select one of 8 teams you want to play in. After that, you will have to play as many games to score highest run and get more run for a chicken dinner.

Step #5: This will run until May 1 and runs calculation an results will be calculated on May 2. Top 3 scorers from each team will be selected.

Step #6: After picking top 3 run scores from each team, they will get a chance to play with the crickets live on Start Sport on May 4.

Well, if you have started playing the game and want to know your total score, then you can visit and login to find team’s score and your personal score. You can play classic matches in Solo, Duo, and Squad. You might be thinking with which cricketer you will play the games, then we should tell you that the name of the cricketers is not announced but once it reveal, we will share as soon as possible with your guys. There is also no option to change the team. Once you have selected any team, then you will have to play with that team until the end.

 So, let’s get ready to play PUBG Mobile with your favourite Indian cricketer. Hope you won’t miss this opportunity. Personally, it is the great chance to every PUBG and cricket fan to come together at one platform. Meanwhile, do not forget to get the PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 update which is coming tomorrow.

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