PUBG Cinematic Movie – Erangel Reborn V.2 Update Trailer Is Here

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Erangel Reborn V.2 Update

After the few months of struggle for remaking the Erangel map, the PUBG makers have finally completed the development and remake the PUBG Erangel map and released the trailer of new PUBG Erangel map. So, here we have exclusive footage of PUBG Cinematic Movie – Erangel Reborn V2 Update. Well, there was s short video footage of developers released a couple of days ago which showed that developer were working hard to make new Erangel map in the game which they call it PUBG Erangel V.2.

Erangel V2 is almost fully upon us! We had the chance to explore the new map courtesy of 50! Check him out below! The map looks stunning and we have captured a large amount of footage we hope you enjoy our Mix and match up of cinematic shots! In the new PUBG Erangel map update, you will see new flags, kingdom, and thrones. So, people are excited about the release of new Erangel map update. Well, some people are claiming that the new Erangel V.2 is now available in test server. So, you can check that.

PUBG Cinematic Movie – New Erangel Map V.2 Reborn

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