PUBG Erangel 2.0 Version Is Releasing Soon For PUBG PC And Mobile Updates

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PUBG Erangel 2.0 Map

It’s been two years of the release of PUBG and we have seen lots of changes on every version of the game. And now today, the biggest update of new PUBG Erangel Map is coming this fall. You may have heard of the newly remastered version of Erangel map is under development and finally, the makers have released the new cinematic trailer of Erangel V2 and the great thing is you can play new Erangle map right now.

Let’s find out more about new PUBG Erangel Map update:

Well, to celebrate the two years of success, the PUBG team is releasing the updated version of PUBG Map Erangel 2.0 with high-quality textures and graphics. There are many things PUBG Tencent have changes in the new Erangel map, you can see here the full highlight of all changes in Erangel map:

  • Redesigned Buildings with high graphics
  • Ultra HD graphics Option is Coming soon.
  • Grass has increased with new trees and plants in Erangel.
  • Building Color and Texture has changed
  • Spawn items and Building Locations changed
  • Map Size Reduced
  • Safe zone circle time increased and speed decreased
  • Damage in blue zone increased
  • Jump and Grab new activity added in the player’s movement.
  • Bullet Proof UAZ has been changed.
  • Vehicle Repair Tool Kit is Coming.
  • Map size if also reduced as you can simply go to the safe zone without a vehicle.

Furthermore, there have been many changes made in the blue zone of the new updated Erangel map which you can see below:

  • Blue Zone timings are faster throughout the match.
  • Blue Zone delay is reduced in the earlier phase.
  • Size of the safe zone is reduced in the earlier phase.
  • Blue Zone speed is reduced in the early & middle phases.
  • Blue Zone damage is slightly increased in the later phase.
  • Blue Zone delay is reduced in the last phase.

New Erangel Map update for PUBG Mobile Release

Well, there is no announcement of the release of updated Erangel V2 for PUBG Mobile, but it’s expected to release in July with the PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 update. You may also see the option to play Ultra HD option in PUBG Mobile. In a case, if you want to play new Erangel map now on PUBG Mobile, then we suggest you download Chinese PUBG Mobile (Game for Peace) as it already has updated Erangel 2.0 map.

There are also rumors there when you jump from one to another building; you won’t fall down as you can simply grab the wall or roof of any building to climb with the new climb option. Also, when you hire Bullet Proof UAZ with the flare gun, you can use the Bullet Proof UAZ on road as well in water. So, are you excited for the new updated Erangel version 2 map?  Please share your thought with us in comments if you have already played it!

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