PUBG Mobile 0.8 0 Beta Update Download Now on Android & iOS And Enjoy New Sanhok Map

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PUBG Mobile 0.8 0 Beta Update

You know one question I mostly read online that “When will the Sanhok Map come in PUBG mobile”. And, here we are with the latest PUBG Update 0.8.0 for Android and iOS device with new Sanhok Map, a new gun and a new vehicle as well. So, are you ready get PUBG Mobile 0.8.0 Update on your smartphone?

Well, the stable PUBG Update 0.8.0 is still in the pipeline, but you can download and install PUBG Mobile 0.8.0 update on your smartphone now to play Sanhok map in PUBG Mobile version just before the world. Isn’t it excited to play Sanhok in advance? Well, PUBG Update 0.8.0 isn’t only about the new Sanhok map. There are much more about the PUBG mobile 0.8 update that is enchanting as well.

I guess you are eagerly waiting for the new PUBG Mobile Update 0.8 0 Beta? So, no more wasting time, let’s take you to the process of installing PUBG Mobile 0.8 Beta on Android and iPhone!

How To Download and Install PUBG Mobile 0.8.0 Beta Update on Android and iOS

Note: Make sure that you have a good internet connection to quickly download and install the latest PUBG update!

Step #1: First of all, download PUBG Mobile 0.8.0 Beta APK file for Android and iOS on your phone.

Step #2: Next, locate the downloaded PUBG 0.8.0 APK files and tap on Install.

If you get the message to enable “Unknown Sources”, then do it under the “Security” settings.

Step #3: Once the files install successfully, open the new PUBG Mobile Beta file.

Step #4: When you launch it for the first time, it will download a package around 1418MB. So, keep the data to be downloaded completely.

Step #5: Once data downloaded, you will get the message in Chinese to restart the game. So, just do it.

Step #6: When you start the game for the first time, you will see the Erangel Map unlocked and Miramar and Sanhok grayed out. Don’t worry! Just tap on both new maps and download both maps which weight around 300MB each.

Step #7: You’re done!

So, once after following these seven steps, you can simply install the PUBG Mobile 0.8.0 Beta update on your Android and iOS device.

What’s new on PUBG Mobile Update 0.8.0?

New Map: Sonhok

New Map: Sonhok

The much-awaited map based on the forests in South East Asia will finally see its way into PUBG with this update. Sonhok is 4.4×4.4 km in an area which is just about one quarter the size of the other maps in the game. However, 100 players will be air dropped in every game inhe Classic Mode which would spice up things and allow players to engage in gunfights sooner in the game.

New Weapon: QBZ

New Weapon: QBZ

A new assault rifle QBZ has been seen to make an entry in the Beta version of 0.8.0. The QBZ assault rifle uses 5.56 mm ammo and is brought in as a replacement for the Scar-L. The QBZ is also expected to be showcased in the global release.

New Vehicles

New Vehicles

Sonhok will see the introduction of the new vehicles UAZ and Muscle car. These new vehicles have been an available to use in the Beta version of PUBG 0.8.0. both the vehicles are relatively larger in size and can be used for both cover and transportation.

What’s More On PUBG Mobile update 0.8.0?

  • Players can throw these apples at opponents. You will get 20 apples to practice throwing skills.
  • Changes in User Interface of the game. Players are given a new option on the settings screen. They can now set a manual limit to the ammo their character picks up automatically for every gun.
  • The 8X Scope and the M24 Sniper rifle will not spawn on the Sonhok map. Nevertheless, the 8X scope will be available through care packages, unlike the M24.
  • New weapon skins are also expected to be released.


Since the PUBG 0.8.0 Mobile Update is still in Beta form, the bugs and glitches are expected. So, once after playing PUBG 0.8.0 if you see any error or notice any interesting things, then please do share with us through comments.

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