PUBG Mobile Easter Eggs: How To Find and Use

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PUBG Mobile Easter Eggs

As we know that Easter celebration is going on, the PUBG Mobile has recently announced the new surprise for every pubg mobile players with the new PUBG Mobile Easter Egg event. In this event, the player will be to get some Easter Eggs in game and use them to get some interesting rewards. You might be wondering where to find PUBG Mobile Easter Egg and how to use them, and then here we have come to tell you everything about the new PUBG Mobile Easter Egg event.

There are two types of Easter eggs you collect from the game. The first Ester egg you can find under the Spring Draw tab. When you enter this, you will find a little egg sitting at the back some plants. This egg let you a chance to choose up some clothing to dapper up your character in the game and look amazing.

Talking about another PUBG Easter egg, it is called as Vibrant Egg. This egg you can find in different locations of all PUBG maps. There is no exact place to find this egg. You can find it randomly in every map. Once you collect five Vibrant egg, you will get access of another crate which is under the event tab. If you want to redeem them, then you need to obtain maximum battle points and some prizes.s

When will PUBG Mobile Easter Egg Event end?

Well, there is no confirmation from the PUBG teams about the end date of PUBG Mobile Easter Egg. But as it will run for limited time, make sure start playing the game and get as much as you can before the event goes off.

Talking recent PUBG Mobile 0.12.0, there has been new Darkest Night mode added with some nifty features and new UI. There is also new Spectator Mode and Crosshair modification you will love. Hope you have played the new update enough looking for more new stuff in the game. If you are biggest pubg geek, then you will like to install PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 Chinese version to play new extreme cold mode in Vikendi.

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