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PUBG Mobile Global Extreme Challenge 2020 Schedule Released

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Global Extreme Challenge 2020

It seems like Pubg Mobile is not stopping from having new events online even the COVID-19 pandemic is going on. While the PMWL 2020 is going on, the Pubg Mobile has announced another event called “Global Extreme Challenge 2020”.

If you love watching the popular Pubg streamers, then we have the good news for you that the new event is about the start of 30th July, where you can watch your favourite Pubg Mobile streamer.

Whether you want to watch Belgian footballer Kevin De Bruyne or your favourite India streaming Dynamo, the PUBG Mobile Global Extreme Challenge 2020 is the best event where you can see some celebs like Turkish singer Aleyna Tilki, American basketball player Ky Bowman, Argentinian footballer Paulo Dybala, Indonesian actress Aurelie, and lot more celebs from around the world.

From the top Pubg Mobile players to the most popular influencers from India, North America, Middle East and Africa, South East Asia, and Europe. In this Global Extreme Challenge, there will be 32 gaming streamers and professionals participate from the chosen 64 based on in-game voting.

If you wonder who will be in Global Extreme Challenge and which teams will be playing in Global Extreme Challenge 2020, let’s check out!

When will the Global Extreme Challenge 2020 event starts?

The Global Extreme Challenge event will start on 30th July from 11:30 PM IST. There will two-team fight against each other: Team Mortal and Team Scout.

  • Team Mortal: Mortal (captain), Soul Regaltos, Soul Viper
  • Team Scout: Scout (captain), Dynamo, TSM-Entity Jonathan

Check out more teams which are going to participate in Global Extreme Challenge 2020:

North America and the European Union

  • Team Ky Bowman
  • Team Jack Osbourne
  • Team Aleyna Tilki
  • Team Kevin De Bruyne

South America

  • Team Paulo Dybala
  • Team Levinho
  • Team Yurem Rojas
  • Team Marian Santos

Southeast Asia

  • Team Gading
  • Team Aurelie
  • Team Jay Chanathip
  • Team Hien Ho

South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

  • Team Scout
  • Team Mortal
  • Team Om Sayf
  • Team Pikachu

Along with that we should also tell you that there will be 50% of influencer from each region will participate in the Pubg Mobile Global Extreme Challenge 2020 and these are the 32 chosen streamers:

  1. BTR Alice
  2. Tacaz
  3. Onic Mute
  4. Secret Biubiu
  5. Bangpen
  6. Masterramen
  7. ABCT36 Gaming
  8. Ngan Sat Thu
  9. Wynsanity
  10. Sevou
  11. Rolex
  12. Panda
  13. Atro
  14. Om Sayf
  15. Aeddi407
  16. Pikachu
  17. Doch
  18. Dream PUBG
  19. Mezarci
  20. Oldboy
  21. Alucarov2
  22. Dextroger
  23. Don Tacho
  24. Alpoxzen
  25. Flashzito
  26. Riserbeck
  27. Nato Gamer
  28. Eilocosantiarg
  29. Mortal
  30. Scout
  31. Dynamo
  32. Regaltos

Well, It is not sure whether Mortal or Scout will be seen in Pubg Mobile Global Extreme Challenge 2020, you still have time to vote for your favorite streamer by voting pubgmxchallenge9 for Mortal and pubgmxchallenge10 for Scout. Which Pubg Mobile player you want to see on final round? Please feel free to share your feedback with us in the comment section.

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