PUBG Mobile Halloweeks Tournament Started: Haunted Battlefield Is Coming

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Since Tencent team has released the most awaiting PUBG Mobile Halloween 0.9.0 update globally, PUBG gamers from around the world have started playing the new scary night mode with new Halloween outfit. Well, the PUBG Mobile 090 come with all-new night mode on the Erangel map, as well as Halloween-themed in-game content, including new weapons and vehicles, balancing improvements and more. But, they have announced the new “PUBG Mobile Halloweeks Tournament”.

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To celebrate Halloween 2018, the PUBG corp. has just started the new PUBG Mobile Halloweeks Tournament which will run during this Halloween with the PUBG Mobile 0.9.0 update. There are new weapon skin and Halloween vehicle upgraded. So, you will have to participate in PUBG Mobile Halloween events to get Trick Coupon Scraps and combine them to play the Halloween Lucky Draw! Use the candies from the Lucky Draw to get Halloween vehicle skins!

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PUBG Mobile Halloweeks Tournament Detail: Award, Schedule, Modes & Map, Round

  • Grand Award: Scorching – Kar98K
  • Tournament Schedule: The tournament will start with the Qualifying Round, followed by the Group Round and Finals. The rounds on each server are independent. Qualifying RoundÞGroup ÞRound Finals
  • Registration Requirements: Players must register as a Crew with 4-6 members. Only the Crew Leader may submit the registration. 4 players will be selected for each match. The overall roster cannot be changed during the tournament period.
  • Modes & Map: FPP and TPP, Map: Erangel, Crews may register for a single mode on a single server. Registration on multiple servers or modes is not allowed. Registration is also final and no changes can be made.
  • Qualifying Round: This round lasts for 2 weeks. Crews are matched at specific times during the week and may participate up to 12 matches. Results are calculated on the best 8 matches and the top 100 Crews will advance.
  • PUBG Mobile Halloweeks Schedule

• PUBG Mobile Halloweeks Schedule

Well, after the PUBG Mobile 0.9.0 update, you can get your friends to bargain and reduce the price on that item you’ve always wanted, and maybe even get it for free!

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