PUBG Mobile Holi 2020 Bundle: Here’s How To Get It Now

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PUBG Mobile Holi 2020 Bundle

It has been a couple of days since Tencent released the new PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 update with all new amusement park, season 12 items, arctic mode, new DBS gun, death replay, and more exciting features. Also, season 12 started with some amazing skin and items which you can get by completing weekly missions. But one more good news for every Indian gamer!

The Holi season in India and gamers are also excited to get more holi stuff in the game. Therefore, PUBG Mobile is providing some amazing in-game Holi items to all Indians as well as other players around the world. As we know that Holi is the festival of color which is scheduled for next week, the makers have availed a special bundle for all Indian PUBG gamers.

If you are a huge PUBG gamer and also love Holi, then Tencent has the Holi 2020 Bundle packs, which now live and will be available till 14th March 2020. If you are living outside India, then you will also be able to get this crate as “Daily Bundle”.

You might be wondering how to get Holi 2020 Bundle, then the bundle can be purchased for only Rs 10 that comes with 8UC, 1 Classic crate coupon, and 5 silver. If you are buying it for five days, which cost Rs 50, you will get the guarantee to get one item for permanent. Which item could you get permanent? Let’s have a look:

  • Angry Teddy Mask
  • Angry Teddy Set
  • Neon AWM Skin
  • Feast Parachute Skin
  • Enraged Unicorn Set
  • Hot Pizza Helmet Skin

Furthermore, you will be able to earn RP supply voucher which you can use in Season 12. So when you spend 600 UC, you get 50, 200, or 100 RP points based on the coupon you won. The good thing is you can get these vouchers till the end of season 12.

One more exciting part is all the items change every day, apart from RP supply vouchers. So it will be fun to get some new things whenever you buy a bundle and also the fifth-day rewards items.

Hope you enjoy this holi with this best PUBG Mobile holi 2020 bundle. Also, I guess you are enjoying the new update of the game with some new features and amazing items. Once after spending enough time with the new update, please do share your experience in the comment box.

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