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PUBG Mobile India Independence Day Event You Need To Know

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PUBG Mobile India Independence Day Event

With more than 50 million downloads, Pubg Mobile is one of India’s best battle royale games. We know that India is about to celebrate its 74th Independence day, and the great thing is Pubg Mobile has something exciting for Indian Pubg Mobile players.

If you are a Pubg Mobile and also nationalistic about the country, then we are glad to tell you that Pubg Mobile India has something special in store for players in India. As the 15th August is here, Pubg Mobile has added the exclusive Independence Day event called “Incredible India.” For the love and support of all the loyal Indian Pubg Mobile players, this is the great change.

So Pubg Mobile is inviting all the players of the game to celebrate India’s iconic and cultural moment by participating in this Incredible India event and earn some amazing rewards from the conform of their homes.

Let’s find out some rules of the Incredible India Event:

  • This event will run from a week, and players will have to complete daily missions and gather Pubg Mobile Flips.
  • For completing each mission, the player will be able to get one flip.
  • There is another option to get more Flips by playing the Daily Quiz, which has many amazing questions about India.
  • Every day, the player can answer three answers and get one Pubg Mobile Flip.
  • After collecting enough Flips, players visit the homepage and tap the active location to play Flip, Match and Win memory game using Pubg mobile Flip.
  • The game can use the card to flip it and earn some surprising rewards.
  • When the player flip the next card and matches the first card, the user will be rewarded the matching reward and reveals the portion of the exclusive art of popular landmark in India hidden behind the card.
  • In case the two cards don’t match, then it will be turned back over.
  • Each place has six cards and hiding three rewards in a pair.
  • The player will have to collect all the rewards on the current place and unveil the popular hidden landmark completely to travel to the next location.
  • During the game, players can also share the landmark artwork with other friends on the social media platforms to honor the 74th Independence Day with Pubg Mobile.
  • This Incredible India event will run from 10th August 2020 to 24th August 2020
  • To celebrate this Independence Day with more honor, Pubg Mobile has also created some amazing wallpapers of India’s most iconic monument for their fans in honour of India’s 74th Independence Day.
  • These wallpapers include Dal Lake, Red Fort, Taj Mahal, Victoria Memorial, Charminar, Chennai Central, Mysore Palace, Gateway of India, and Hawa Mahal.

I hope now you are happy to know that if you cannot celebrate this Independence Day with the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s the time to celebrate this Independence Day with your Pubg Mobile squad.

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