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PUBG Mobile Infection Mode Guide: How to Play and Win

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PUBG Mobile Infection Mode

Since the release of PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 update, many people have tried to play the new PUBG Mobile Infection Mode and still confused on how to play this new zombie mode and how to win the match. If you have already tested the PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 beta version, then you may have the idea about the new PUBG Mobile Infection Mode, but if you didn’t then here, we have a full guide to play PUBG Infection Mode.

With the release of latest PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 version, the developers have done a great job by adding the new Infection mode as well as other things like outfits, weapon skins, and complete new UI which applauded by every PUBG Mobile players after the long time. Many bugs and glitches have been fixed, and also the anti-cheat system has been improved to find hackers in the game.

What’s New Infection Mode?

The new PUBG Mobile Infection mode is completely new and intense where players can play as a Defender or Zombie. You can also call it Players vs. Zombie mode where 12 players will fight with each other- Zombies and Defenders. You are chosen as a Defender then you will have to defend yourself not to get infected, and if you are chosen as a Zombie, then you will have to use your tactics to infect the defenders to try to affect many players as possible. From the 12 players, three defenders will automatically get infected and turn into zombies.


  • Maximum of 12 players can play in a single server.
  • There will be a total of 3 rounds during the whole match, and each round will last 3 Minutes.
  • Once the round gets started, some players will randomly turn into zombie mode, and others will play as a defender.
  • The hitpoints and movement speed of zombies will be higher than defenders until they got shot by a bullet. ( So keep in mind while attaching defenders)

Tips To Win Infection Mode

In a case, if you started as the Defenders, then you keep in mind that you can get infected with only one attack of Zombie. So, use your two assault rifle carefully to kill them and try to survive until the end. During the game, if six players got infected, then remaining Defender will turn as Vanquisher and get a sword which player can use to kill the Zombie with on attack. In the end, if you will be able to survive till the end, then the player with the most damage from each team will get an MVP tag. Here are few tips to win as Defenders.

  • Try to keep a gap between Zombies as well as Defenders. So won’t know which player will get infected and turn as Zombie.
  • Try to choose an attacking location somewhere hidden or high where Zombies found it tough to reach you.
  • There is a jumping tube you can use to get rid of Zombie attach.
  • If you are able to get a sword, then use smarty as it has the ability to kill the Zombie only one shot.

Compare to Defenders, playing as a Zombie is quite easy as you can infect any other defender with just a single attack. Once you have turned three defenders into Zombies, then will become Zombie King with more power and your aim is to infect remaining defenders within 3 minutes to win the match. In a case, if you are chosen as a Zombie, then you can use the following tricks to win as a zombie.

  • Try to play in a group so that Defender cannot get easy shot.
  • Always try to use blocks stairs to avoid the Defender’s shot.
  • Do not attack from the front; try to attack from the back.
  • You can use stealth mode to sneak your enemies.

Hope now you know how to play and win Pubg Mobile Infected mode as Defender or Zombie. So, just play the new mode now on your PC and share your experience in the comment box.  We are always here to help you.

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