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Pubg Mobile New TDM Mode, New Autumn Festival & Mode On Next Updates Leaked

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Pubg Mobile Spike Trap

While the next new era Pubg Mobile 1.0 update about release next week with the most awaited Erangel 2.0, we have something exciting to share about upcoming Pubg Mobile updates.

With the new Pubg Mobile 1.0 update on September 8, the game makers are going to improve the graphic and gameplay. The latest update will have complete new UX, new gameplay features, new tech, and a lot more. They also announced the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) will be held in November this year.

Also, there are more exciting about the future Pubg Mobile updates, which you would love to see. Without further ado, let’s get to the point.

Pubg Mobile Next Updated Leaked Features

Note: As these leaks are from the future Pubg Mobile update, we can expect these features in next couple of months.

#1: New TDM Mode

Pubg Mobile New TDM Mode
Credit: Game Lovers

Pubg Mobile is not testing the new TDM mode on its global version.  In this new TDM mode, you will be able to use some heavy explosive weapons like RPG 7, Aug, grenade launcher on the complete new TDM mode. We can even say it is the new TDM 2.0 version. If you are wondering about using some heavy explosive weapons in TDM mode, then you will have to wait for a couple of months.

#2: Spike Trap

Pubg Mobile Spike Trap
Credit: Game Lovers

Like the PUBG PC version of the game, the mobile version is also getting this added Spike Trap feature in the classic map you use to make ambush as you can trap it on the floor and puncture all tires of the vehicles. You can use it to set the trap on bridge camping.

#3:  Throwable Weapon

Throwable Weapon pubg mobile

The throwable weapon feature was already added to the PUBG PC version a long time ago. This throwing weapon feature was spotted on the Pubg Mobile Chinese version and expected on the global version in November. With this feature’s help, you can throw any melee weapon like pan or crowbar at the enemy. We are not sure whether you pass the ammo or any other items to your teammates or not.

#4:  New Mode Autumn Festival

New Mode Autumn Festival
Credit: Game Lovers

In the classic map Erangel, we can also expect the new Autumn Festival at the end of this year. In this event, there will be some special Airdrops added at some area of the Erangel, and you can climb to the drop with the help of some new balloon and lanterns. At the top, you can have a party with your teammates.

#5: New Livik Map

Credit: Game Lovers

Livik is also now changing as Pubg Mobile developers are customizing certain areas on the Livik map. It is still surprising what changes they are making on the map. We can expect the new changed Livik map in December.

So, these top 5 features to add on the Pubg mobile future updates in November or December. Which feature you like the most, and which feature you still miss on the Pubg mobile? Please feel free to tell us through the comment section.

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