How To Play PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 On PC/Laptop [Windows 10/8/7] Official Way 2019

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PUBG Mobile PC

With the 100 million players around the world, PUBG is the most popular mobile game ever. Considering the increasing waves of the games, the Tencent team has officially released the best ever PUBG emulator to get PUBG Mobile PC download. Hence, you can play PUBG mobile on PC with ease. So, the time has come to say Goodbye to some other third party emulator as you can use the PUBG mobile emulator official version to play PUBG mobile 0.12.5 on the computer laptop.

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Tencent game buddy has better control and excellent graphics to mouse and keyboards. Still, we would like to see improvements in the PUBG mobile emulator for PC.  The cross-play option between PC and mobile is still missing in the PUBG Mobile PC emulator but you can simply enjoy PUBG Mobile on PC by following this PUBG Mobile PC download guide. So, are you excited to play PUBG mobile on PC? If so, then let get the PUBG mobile PC!

Play PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 on PC with Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator [Official]

Note: Make sure you have at least 4BG of RAM on your PC or laptop to install PUBG mobile emulator.

Step #1: First of all, download and install PUBG mobile emulator from the below link.

PUBG mobile emulator

Step #2: Open the Tencent Gaming Buddy (PUBG mobile emulator).

Step #3: Once you launch the emulator, it will download some setup and then some game file.

Play PUBG Mobile On PC

Step #4: After finishing the download process, it will ask you to choose the graphics quality you want to play on. You can select from SD 720P, HD 1080P, or Ultra HD 2K.

Play PUBG Mobile On PC

Step #5: Now you have to set some setting on in-game as per your PC. So, just go to the Menu button at the top right corner and click on Settings.

Play PUBG Mobile On PC

Step #6: Once all done, just click on Save button and enjoy the PUBG mobile version on PC.

You’re done!

This PUBG mobile PC emulator has bots and leveling system. But still, most of the players are not happy with the beta as it lost control sometimes while driving the vehicle. We must also tell you that you won’t get chicken dinner on PC as much as you have in PUBG mobile version.

However, if you aren’t satisfied with the Tencent Gaming Buddy means the PUBG mobile emulator then you can use Bluestacks emulator to play PUBG mobile on desktop or laptop. Here’s how to do it!

How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC With Bluestacks

It’s quite easy to use Bluestacks to Play PUBG mobile on PC. You will need to install the Bluestacks and enjoy the PUBG mobile through the Bluestacks. Here’s how to do it!

Note: Make sure you at least 3GB of RAM on your PC or Laptop.

Step #1: Download and install the latest version of Bluestacks on your PC.

Step #2:  Launch the Bluestacks on your PC and search PUBG at the search bar on the top right corner and hit the search button.

Step #3: Once you get the PUBG, click on it and hit the Install button.

Play PUBG Mobile on PC With Bluestacks

Step #4: After completing the installation process, open the game and enjoy.

Let’s take a look at some PUBG mobile emulator settings for PC in the screenshots:

Play PUBG Mobile On PC

Play PUBG Mobile On PC

Play PUBG Mobile On PC

Step #5: Once the game start. Just click on the mouse and keyboard icon at the bottom to get started using your computer hardware to play the game.

Play PUBG Mobile on PC With Bluestacks

Check out these key explanations which you can use to play PUBG mobile on PC.

  • Drag the 3rd icon at the top to the joystick control on the Left
  • Drag the 4th icon at the top (Crosshair) to the center of the screen
  • Drag the 5th icon at the top (Reticle) to the Shooting button
  • For the remaining keys, click on the spot you want to map, and assign the corresponding key
  • W, A, S, D to move
  • Spacebar to Jump
  • Ctrl to go prone
  • Shift to Crouch
  • F to interact
  • R to Reload
  • Right Click to entering Shooting Mode
  • Left Click to Shoot
  • Q to Zoom in and Out
  • T to look around
  • 1 and 2 to change weapons
  • Tab to open Backpack

That’s all about playing PUBG mobile on PC. Hope now you have started playing the game on your desktop. If so, then please do not forget to share your first experience of playing PUBG mobile on PC. Just hit comments below and stay tuned get more about PUBG world.

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