How & When You should Revive in PUBGMOBILE: Every PUBG Mobile Revives Are Here

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PUBG Mobile Revive

Since I play PUBG a lot on my mobile, I always wonder to get up magically when someone knocked me down, but that’s not possible without a teammate. Like me, many other PUBG gamers might be wondering when you should revive in PUBG mobile and how to self-revive in PUBG mobile. So, we have come with the help of a few tips and types of revives in PUBG Mobile by the official PUBG channel.

Here you will find several examples of reviving situation in PUBG mobile and we are gonna show you ones you shouldn’t do and once that is best revives in PUBG mobile.  So, if you really want to know how to revive teammates in PUBG mobile or how to revive yourself in PUBG Mobile, then without wasting much time let’s see some PUBG mobile tips and tricks to revive in PUBG!

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How To Revive and When To Revive In PUBG Mobile [Tips and Guide]

  • First and foremost important part to get best revive in PUBG Mobile is always try to keep enough bandages and health packs to revive yourself quickly.
  • Try to find MEDKITS because they have the power to revive yourself completely more than the first-aid kit.
  • Always try to stay in cover and revive yourself so you have a minimum chance to get knocked down during the match (especially when you are too far from your teammates).
  • Another best thing you should keep in your mind that always keep 2 or 3 smoke in your bag.
  • Talking about how to revive someone in PUBG, then let me tell you that When see your teammates have been knocked down, get as close as possible to them and make sure the zone is safe by sitting behind a wall or tree. You’ll see then the message revives appear. Tap on the + and you will see “Revive”. Once you that on that it will change by “Reviving” and it will take around 10 seconds. That’s it!

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Best Revives in PUBG Mobile

  • Standard revive: As I said above that always keep the smoke grenade in your bag so that when your teammates get knockdown, then you can create smoke around the area so go anonymously and revive teammates in PUBG Mobile. This revive is one of the best revive in PUBG without more risk.
  • Don’t go with low percentage of reviving it will also let your teammate knock down as well.
  • In a case, if you knocked down and there are other teammates nearby you then be careful when your teammate revive you and another squid is covering because you all may get killed at once by a grenade.
  • Safe revive (Treats eliminated): This PUBG Mobile revive is best one you guys should do. Once your teammate gets knock downed then try to kill opponent first instead of reviving your teammates. So, once all threats got eliminated then your danger-free to revive your teammates in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.
  • Sacrificial Revive: When your teammates get down and it’s not safe to go there and revive them but you still have jumped into the situation to revive your squid even if you are low AMMO then it will be called “Sacrificial Revive” in PUBG.

Check out this official YouTube video types of revives in PUBG Mobile:

How To Revive Yourself In PUBG Mobile

Well, during researching online about some PUBG Mobile tips & tricks, I get many questions asking about how to self revive in PUBG Mobile. So, I just want to clear it that there is no way to self revive in PUBG mobile as well as not in any other platforms. So, the best PUBG revive yourself is keep hunting nearby your squid so that if you may get knocked down, they will help to revive.

Wrapping up

Once after reading and watching above about revives in PUBG Mobile, we would love have your feedback and if you have any best revive techniques in PUBG Mobile then you can directly share with us in comments or at our PUBGGMARES Facebook page. We will share your tricks with other PUBG gamers from around the world.

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