PUBG Mobile Season 14 Leaks and Release Date

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PUBG Mobile Season 14

After more than the month of release of Pubg Mobile season 13 which was based to ranger cartoons, people are wondering what’s new on Pubg Mobile season 14 and what it called. So here we are going to show you some latest leak of season 14 along with the release date of next Pubg Mobile season 14.

The next season of Pubg Mobile will be called “Spark The Flame” and it will release with the new PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 update. So the upcoming season will bring some new and exciting skins and costumes that you would love. Let’s check out what’s new on pubg mobile season 14.

According to some blogs, the next season of Pubg Mobile rumoured to have one more character in the game. Lastly, they had added a new Andy character in the game, and now they are planning to add the new character “Pharoah”. This new character Pharoah is a female that will have some new outfits and emotes as well as some different and unique abilities in the game to make the gameplay interesting. Not much detail available about this character right now, but we will hear something more from the Pubg mobile official pages.

Along with that, if you are great pubg geek who loves weapon skins in the game, then the season 14 is the great season for you which will let you earn silver-coloured M24 skin free in pubg mobile. For that, you will have reached the Diamond Tier. You will also get the new set with a leather jacket and headgear along with the new season 14 parachute skin and at the top the new avatar frame.

The new season will also include the new steampunk-inspired set with a gas mask giving off a very futuristic vibe. There will also be the Egyptian Princess set for the female character as well as the Egyptian King set with golden snakes on it just like the cobra commander.

Just like every season, there will be 100 RP which you can also try to reach and get some amazing rewards. There are also a number of rewards which you can check in the below video.

After reading this article, what do you think about the next season of Pubg Mobile? If you have something in your mind about the new season and new update of Pubg mobile, please do share with us in the comment box.

Well, we know that the current season 13 will end on 12th July, so just like every season pubg mobile will roll out the new season on 14th July after two days of the end of season 13. Meanwhile, you can also test the new Pubg Mobile 0.19.0 beta right now to know what’s new coming to the next update of PUBG Mobile.

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