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PUBG Mobile Update 0.8.5 Is Now Live With BAPE Frying Pan, Shark Hoodie, And Some Internal Changes

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PUBG Mobile Update 0.8.5

Since Tencent corp. posted a picture with the tagline “TOGETHER STRONG”, people have been wondering what it is about and which will they add in next PUBG Mobile update. And now, the with the latest PUBG Mobile 0.8.5 update, it has been confirmed that the Tencent team has united with the Japanese streetwear brand BAPE or Bathing Ape.

Well, upcoming PUBG Snow Map and the next PUBG Mobile 0.9.0 release news is still in buzz, you may also want to what is this PUBG Mobile Update 0.8.5 about and what’s new on it. So, here we are! According to the data from the SensorTower, PUBG Mobile dominates Asia and China by winning over Fortnite. Considering the large number of PUBG gamers, they have added a lot of BAPE-branded accessories to the PUBG Mobile!

What’s more about PUBG Mobile 0.8.5 update?

PUBG Mobile Update 0.8.5

  • You will be offered exclusive BAPE-branded gear, including Shark Camouflage hoodies and a patterned frying pan. The developers have promised more BAPE deliveries in the future, which will likely take the form of more wearables and weapons.
  • New outfit exclusive emotes.
  • Improved Daily sign-in rewards.
  • Crew members’ limit reduced to 6.
  • Packs open right after purchase.

Well, these were some major things that you will notice on the PUBG Mobile 0.8.5.  But the bad things are a lot of people have been complaining about the lag issues and voice chat issue after the latest PUBG Mobile 0.8.5 update. Apart from that, if you want to get your hands to the advance version of the PUBG Mobile, then you can also download PUBG Mobile 0.9.5, PUBG Mobile 0.10.9, or PUBG Mobile Timi 1.0.14 update to enjoy new night mode, dynamic weather, and lot more.

After collaborating with Mission Impossible: Fallout team, this is the most significant joined forces for the Tencent team. Hope people like it so that Tencent team will come with much more beautiful accessories and costumes to keep people engaged in the game. Once after playing on PUBG Mobile 0.8.5 on your phone, please do share forget to share your experience with us in comments!

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