PUBG Mobile Valentine’s Day Special Gift Is Here For Everyone

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PUBG Mobile Valentine’s Day

To celebrate the special Valentine’s Day 2019, the Tencent team has just announced the special PUBG Mobile Valentine’s Day outfit for boys and girls. Yes, you heard it right! They have added special Valentine’s Day new costume items complementing the day of love. These include various items in red, pink and white color schemes.

There are new costumes including the Killer Angel Set which is red leather outfit with a white top and wings, the Smiley Heart Suit which is a giant heart that you wear on the top, the Deadly Sweetheart Headband with heart-shaped antennas. There are also two new pink-colored gun skins- Frilly SKS and Deadly Sweetheart QBU.

The PUBG Mobile team have released a new trailer for PUBG Mobile valentine’s day costumes as they Twitted “There is no room for love on the battleground” where a couple wearing the newly themed apparel along with the special gun skins. They approach an airdrop and attacked by a sniper. They kill the attacker, quickly drop a smoke grenade and wipe out more players heading for the drop.

Well, the PUB mobile zombie mode is still on hold and the PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 beta version is live if you want to play PUBG Mobile Zombie mode right now on your smartphone. Tencent team will release the PUBG Mobile Zombie mode update in the last week of February 2019.  You will just have to wait for more 2 weeks to get the Zombie mode in PUBG Mobile. Till that you can enjoy all new PUBG Mobile Valentine’s Day event.

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