PUBG News & Update: Hardware Ban Coming From This November For Cheaters/Hackers

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PUBG News & Update

Seems like PUBG corp. is taking very severe action again every PUBG cheater and hackers from around the world. After PUBG has banned over 13 million users since last year, the PUBG team is taking another massive step to stopping more PUBG hacker from the next month. Yes, you heard it right! You should also see the upcoming PUBG Snow map with is expected to release this winter season.

According to the latest post on the official PUBG forums in Korea, where the game is developed, which indicates that the crackdown has been pencilled in for the next update coming on 10 November. So, PUBG PC hardware bans will be handed to those who use hacks and have a history of using them at any time during the game.

Here’s full Korean to English conversion of full PUBG forums post:

As part of our ongoing efforts to combat cheating, we’ve developed a new anti-cheat system in-house at PUBG Corp. which we’re now bringing to live servers, after an extensive period on our test servers. This system is being used in addition to our existing anti-cheat solutions.

Expect to see a new popup when you start the client. To help us refine our anti-cheat service it would be helpful for us if you play with the “Enable Anti-cheat” box checked if you experience issues you can disable this.

We’ve fixed previous compatibility issues experienced by some players, although we’ve kept the option to disable the new anti-cheat system while we go through the final stages of testing in the live server environment. Once testing is complete, you will be unable to disable this system.

Since many PUBG hackers and cheaters, PUBG team is adding anti-cheat system with every update to listen complain from PUBG PC, Mobile, Xbox and other platform players around the globe. So, this will be the biggest worry for those PUBG Players have been cheating for a long time. Well, if you are a one among those who are hacking a lot in PUBG then you still a month to create your new account so that you will get a clean cheat and play PUBG worry free without using any hack and third-party hack.

Well, an English language announcement has yet to be made by PUBG but we will expect in a couple of says. Let us know your thoughts in comments and stay in touch with us to get more new and update related to the PUBG battle royal world.

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