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PUBG PC 4.1 Patch Update Landed With Season 4 And New Erangel 2.0 Version

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PUBG PC 4.1 Patch

After testing the new Erangel map a month, the PUBG Corp. have officially released the Erangel 2.0 Version on PUBG PC 4.1 Patch update along with new PUBG PC season 4 and lot more new features. There has been new content, skins, gameplay updates, and Survivor Pass with plenty of missions and rewards to enjoy in the latest PUBG PC Patch 4.1.

If you have tested the new Eangel map 2.0 in the test server, then you might have the idea about the dark history of the Island. There has been new visual added to the Erangel 2.0 update with some rearranged buildings and graphic which praised by the public as the new Erangel map hinted the scary history of the Island.

Here are few glimpses of new Erangel map update on PUBG 4.1 Patch update for PC.

PUBG Survivor Pass 4

PUBG Season 4

As the new Earngel map update in the new PUBG PC Patch 4.1, you will see all new Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATCH which showcase the past and present Erangel with some new skins and items. Just like every season, in this PUBG season 4, there are 100 new missions added which you can complete one by one as well as the newly added cooperation mission system added to the pass which you can get by completing a mission with your squad.

What’s newly added to PUBG PC Patch 4.1?

New Erangel 2.0 Version

New Erangel 2.0 Version

New Erangel 2.0 Version

New Erangel 2.0 Version

New Erangel 2.0 Version

New Erangel 2.0 Version

New Erangel 2.0 Version

New Erangel 2.0 Version

Here are a few major features added to the new PUBG PC Patch:

  • Added auto-acceleration to vehicles (identical to auto-run feature)
  • Auto-Acceleration can be activated with ‘=’ key just like auto-run.
  • Added “locking” mechanism to BRDM-2.

→Only teammates will be able to enter BRDM-2.

→When all teammates exit the BRDM-2, it will unlock, allowing any player to enter.

  • Added Car Audio feature to play preset music while inside a car.

→Only the driver can control this feature.

→Car audio will stay turned on even after players exit the vehicle.

→Turning the audio On/Off while inside a vehicle will play random music every time.

→Use F5 key to play or stop the music, Use F6 to change music. The mouse wheel can be used to control music volume.

→Music will stop playing automatically after a full song.

→Music can be stopped by destroying or flooding the vehicle.

  • Turntable Added to Erangel

turntable PUBG

→Turntables are spawned randomly on Erangel. Press the use key to turn the music on/off.

→Turntables can be destroyed.

→Music played on the Turntable can be heard by all nearby players.

→Music will stop playing automatically after one song.

This isn’t enough in PUBG PC 4.1 Patch. There is a lot more changes and added in latest PUBG PC Patch 4.1 update which you can see with full detail on the official PUBG page. Once after you have installed the latest PUBG PC update and started playing the game, please do not forget to share your experience in the comments. Let’s know which features you liked the most and what you still miss in the game. Feel free to message us in comments.

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