Two New Events for PUBG Mobile and More Exciting Things for PUBG Mobile Lite on Its First Anniversary

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New Events for PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has been adding a few great events to the gameplay to enhance the gaming experience of the users. Recently, they have added Oasis Fresh and Food Delivery as two new events. Players need to acquire four kinds of elements and in order to do, they have to participate and play in the Classic mode. They can make a drink out of 3 collected ingredients and ice that can be collected in the Cheer Park. Drinks shall unlock multiple rewards and activate emote effects on Cheer park and Spawn Island. This new event will be part of the game until 27th July.

In the second event i.e. Food Delivery event, you have to act just like a food delivery service. You need to pick up food items from one place and deliver them to different destinations while playing the game. You can get some rewards if you take part in the events. This new event will be part of the game until 29th July

PUBG Mobile Season 14: Spark the Flame was newly updated. On the occasion of its two-year anniversary celebration of Royale Pass, they have brought back outfit of Roaring Dragon and similar rewards.

PUBG Mobile Lite

More is happening form PUBG Mobile Lite also since 0.18.0 update is on the way and it may be launched on 25th July to celebrate its first anniversary. It has some new exciting changes in the content including app icon, lobby background, and others.

MP5K and P90 guns have added to the PUBG Mobile Lite recently. The former is exclusive to the Classic mode while the latter is available for the Arena game mode. Additionally, pistol addons could be used for SMGs.

A lot has been noted in the maps as well. The map of Varenga has been changed a bit, mostly in the western part of the north along with a new region that presents urban ruins. New cable cars are in the game in order to help players easy to move. Mountain chains in the south of the maps have also noted some changes. “The Ruins” named a new map is also one of the new things which is added by Team Deathmatch mode.

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