Welcome to Karakin: The New PUBG Map You Need To Know About

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new PUBG Karakin map

It’s been a long time since PUBG has released the new map. Not the great surprise from the PUBG developer to all PUBG gamers as the new PUBG Karakin Map. Yes, you heard it right!

They are back with a new PUBG Karakin map with the latest PUBG update 6.1. So this new map is the fifth addition to the PUBG and the second desert theme map. With this new Karakin map, the makers are providing the great map which will let players play the game with a faster pace and more engagement. So if you have just updated to the latest 6.1 PUBG update and don’t have any idea about it, then here we have discussed a few important things about the new PUBG Karakin map.

 The new desert-themed PUBG Karakin map especially for those who prefer quicker games compared to the half-hour Erangel and Miramar classic match. This map is half the size of Sanhok, which means it is 2×2 map. Well, the makers think that this map will be more popular than Sanhok as it has excellent terrain which will engage players in shootouts with a lot of covers and fight hard.

Everything You Need To Know PUBG Karakin Map

Since the map is small, fast and dangerous, 64 players jump on the 2x2km island and find loot to defeat the opponent. Well, the loot is very limited, so make sure to jump to the area with loot (we suggest you jump on the edge of the map is has more loot than center).

Don’t spend more time finding loot. Once you got enough ammo and gun, start hunting as the map is small and fast so try to find the opponent and kill them before they kill you.

Players should expect long-distance rifle engagements in the mountains, tactical urban conflict, and claustrophobic underground combat. And with the introduction of the Black Zone, Karakin reveals its twist: a map that’s layout changes every match.

There is the Black Zone in the Karakin map which designed to push players out of the buildings. In the Black Zone, the hazard in random so doesn’t expect that building you are running to cover safe. Keep in mind if you hear the siren and if you are in a purple circle in the minimap, then leave it ASAP. You can see the X mark on the map on the building that are going to be destroyed by the Black Zone.

There has been a new Sticky Bomb added to the Karakin map only which can be used to destroy the Breach Points in Karakin map? This Sticky Bombs you can also use it to have breach points in walls and floors. This Sticky Bomb is throwable that has replaced grenades in the Karakin.

This map also has ARs and other weapons in the game, but there is new Win94 with the fixed scope which is the more effective weapon in Karakin map. You can also use other AR and DMR combo as well as snipers to play the game with the great intense.

Since the map is too small, there are limited scopes available in the game. So if you have found the 3x and 4x scope then you are lucky while 2x scopes are normal.

One sad thing is there is no vehicle in the Karakin map since the map is small and you can reach other places by walk and run. So no more covers of the vehicle in the game.

So these were all about the new PUBG Karakin map. Along with that, PUBG also added the new Motor Glider vehicle which you can use to fly like a butterfly in Erangel and Miramar map. There are around 10 Motor Glider available in Spawn Island. Also the new Survivor Pass: Shakedown alongside Season 6 added to the PUBG update 6.1. The new season 6 will include 400 missions in total that include 252 daily missions, 84 weekly missions, 24 season missions, and 40 progression missions which you can complete within 12 months.

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