Where to Find Golden Mirado, vending machines in Mad Miramar In PUBG Mobile

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Golden Mirado

PUBG Mobile has recently released the new updates in the game which has many amazing features. PubG players are enjoying the new features of the games. If you have not updated the game yet, just go and update the game and enjoy the latest features.

Miramar is the most popular map on PubG mobile and one of the favorites of every player for various reasons. It’s not favourite only because of the possibility of exciting long-range combat but also because of the substantial amount of good loot. Miramar is a hotspot for loot and weapons. And now with the PubG’s latest update, Miramar has once again become the new goldmine for loot and weapons that every player is waiting to lay their hands on. The latest updates have many new items for the players like golden mirado and vending machines. Also, the players are saying the new Mad Miramar Map is more difficult than the previous one.

Most of the PubG players have updated to the latest version of PubG and they are finding it difficult to find Vending Machines and Golden Mirado in the Mad Miramar Map. If you are also spending time on Mad Miramar Map and trying to survive the sandstorms and looking for loot, so here are we with some tips and hints which can help you in PubG Mobile. We have a list of some confirmed places where you can find these very easily. All these tips and hints will help you find the Golden Mirado and vending machines in Mad Miramar Map.

Where to Find Golden Mirado in Mad Miramar

Golden Mirado is a swanky new golden vehicle which is available only once per game. If you want to get Golden Mirado in the game, mark your location near the Hacienda del Patron. So, near the Hacienda del Patron, you will find a tall building that has a garage and inside it you will be able to find the Golden Mirado. Keep in mind that the Golden Mirado will be spawned only once on the map per game. So try to spawn as soon as possible. Be the first one to grab the Golden Mirado vehicle and show your superiority through the highways of this Mad Miramar Map.

Where to find Vending Machines in Mad Miramar

Vending machines have been placed in Miramar introduced in the latest update of PubG to provide a new looting experience to the players other than picking up items spawned on the floor. You can easily get Painkillers and Energy Drinks from the vending machines. One thing to remember that Vending machines are only available in Miramar. If you are lucky enough you may get too many Energy Drinks and painkillers at once.
All the vending machines are spread across the miramar map and can be found at different locations. We have located three confirmed locations where you can find these vending machines very easily. The locations for vending machines which are provided by the officials are Arenas, Casino, gas stations, Motels and commercial buildings. So here is the list of confirmed locations of Vending Machines in PUBG Mobile.

  • Los Leones

There are three confirmed places where you can easily find Vending Machines in Los Leones. Remember one thing that most of the vending machines are placed in multi-storied buildings.

Remember to look into the 4 to 6 floored blue buildings. All these big buildings are more likely to have a Vending Machine. The maximum chances are that you will find a Vending Machine on the ground floor of all these big blue buildings.

  • Pecado

There are a total of 4 places where you can find Vending Machines in Pecado. First vending machine you may find on the top floor of the famous arena or some players call it a stadium in Pecado. The next location where you can find a vending machine is the verandah area of the L-building on the ground floor. The next area is on the ground floor of a 6 floored big blue building. Remember that most 6 floored buildings have vending machines. One last location is the famous casino of Pecado where you will surely find a Vending Machine as PUBG officials have confirmed about the location of the Vending Machine inside the casinos.

  • Chumacera

In Chumacera, there is only one location where you can find a Vending Machine. There is a yellow coloured small 2 floored building. These types of buildings are also most likely that you will find a painkillers vending machine just like the 4 to 6 floored blue big buildings. There are a lot of chances of getting loot in this small city of Chumacera. So, we advise no to forget this place and grab that Vending Machine.

Bottom Line

All these are the locations where you can probably find the vending machines and the Golden Mirado. Find the vending machines and increase your energy level using painkillers and energy drinks. Just keep one thing in mind that you need to take a look in the ground floor of the big blue buildings. You may find the vending machines at other locations as well. So keep looking for vending machines in all the possible buildings. Enjoy PubG!

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