Why PUBG Got Banned in Pakistan?

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PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battleground was banned by the Pakistan government at the beginning of the month of July. Just like every other part of the world, PUBG has hardcore fans, rather say ‘players,’ in Pakistan as well. Even one of the 20 teams participating in PMWL (PUBG Mobile World League) 2020 is from Pakistan – Freestyle. People from all over the country are protesting against this decision of the government.

PUBG is not the first game that has become prey to the Pakistan government since CoD (Call of Duty) and Medal of Honor, in 2013, were taken off from the gaming stores. The reason – these games showed Pakistan as a hub of terrorists. Due to the depiction of explicit content and adoration of same-sex romance, in 2017, Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni became the prey of the Pak government and was banned. But what are the reasons behind banning PUBG since the vote bank (youth) of Imran Khan-led government is playing this popular game?

What Government Has to Say?

FYI, the ban on PUBG is temporary and it can be lifted if govt wants. PTA, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, has mentioned in the press release that the PUBG has been banned after several complaints were noted of the game being time-wasting, addictive, and seem to have a negative influence on youth’s mental and physical health. This clearly relates to the several incidents of the past few years of teens taking their lives after they failed some missions in PUBG.

Players were hoping that PTA would lift the ban after July 10, but the ban extended due to some reasons. Another report claims that at the Islamabad High Court, PTA told in its favor of ban that the game portrays some explicit scenes and anti-Muslimism material. So, these are the main reasons behind banning one of the world’s popular Battle Royale games in the national territory.

What Could Be the Real Reason?

History shows that whenever Pakistan is incapable of handling a situation, the only way it goes for is – ban. For instance, kite-flying festival – Basant, has been banned for over 15 years since the chemical-laced threads of the kites were a threat to the people’s lives. But the strict rules and regulations can be established to improve the condition, right?

It could be true that some young minds could get affected due to the aura of the game and several cases of suicides due to failure in PUBG missions were also reported in the Gujarat State of India but banning the source of entertainment could be the wrong idea anywhere as long as it is following the regulations established by the authorities.

So, the reason behind banning PUBG in Pakistan could be “the easiest form of solution for the government and officials than spreading awareness about the mental health” among young players.

When Pakistan Govt Would Lift the Ban on PUBG?

Well, the ban on PUBG continues even after hearing on July 10th in Islamabad High Court where the petition against PUBG ban was filed. The possibility of lifting a ban on the game appears a little far since Imran Khan’s government seems rigid in its decision. But the proper arguments in the High Court can change the decision in favor of lifting the ban on one of our favorite mobile games.

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